A new direction for the blog!!!

Good Morning every one of my followers –

I appreciate you!

Well, it seems that my life has changed yet once again. Before I began as a motivational speaker, I was a high school teacher.

I’m a natural born teacher, and that’s just what I do…educate.  That’s really what Motivating For Positive Change was suppose to be as well, a new way of educating more people to help them change the world. Unfortunetly, there is a thin line between starting a business and being unemployed. Suddenly, I was evicted out of my house and basicly evicted out of my comfy life, so I had to make changes very quickly!  As is the normal Chad way of doing things; I reinvented myself (or in this case, went back to what I know and really where I belong) and I have now started over.

So what are the new changes and the new directions for the blog?

Great Question…

I’m going to keep the poitivity flowing. I’ll keep the amazing stuff that I post on this blog as is per usual. However, there are some other endeavors that I will be posting here.

I have a few books that are in the works:

1. One Human Family: A book showing that all of us are more alike than different.

– A book of about 300 interviews of the same 8 questions. These 8 questions are questions that all people share, questions that all people have thought about have formed opinions about. I figure that once 300 are gathered, we will see a lot of the same answers as well as a lot of the same ideas. Maybe if we can all see the same answers to the same questions, we could all see that we are all alike.

Note: If you’d like to answer these 8 questions, please ask!!  Please, I’d love for you to be part of this book!


2. A book about positivity. {Title unknown}

– A collection of blog posts, original essays, and ideas of positivity and hppiness. A pseudo “how to” book to be positive and happy. It’s very similar to this blog and a whole lot better.


3. Group of short stories {Title Unknown}

– These are a group of short stories on multiple subjects and ideas. I guarantee, if you like, or kinda like, my writing…you will LOVE these stories. Some of them will be published on this blog. Some will be put on here in short form, and the rest will be up for order.

4. Poetry

So far there are 3 books of poetry by me that are on Amazon.com that you can now purchase if you’d like.

If you like poetry – You’ll truly like the books!

I hope you like the new direction, and please share this blog with others. I look forward to hearing your comments.

If you really want to be part of the 8 QUESTIONS book, please message me or comment I will send you the questions.


What is fracking and why is it so bad…please watch!


Please watch this video!   Please watch this video!

This process is currently hurting our earth so bad, that it may not recover.

The earth friendly, please save our earth, please stop global warming group 350.org has been picketing, speaking out, yelling, sitting, and asking everyone to stop letting this happen. We must speak with one voice and one let everyone, including the people who are doing this, that we CAN NOT do this.

Scientist say that once we begin employing the process of fracking, it is the death nail to our planet.

The death nail to our planet!!!!!!

This is more serious than anyone realizes. We are at a moment where we can look back and see the problems we have created in the past, why would we want our children to do the same thing.

The more we harm the earth and its inhabitants, the less time we have on this planet!

Please help stop Fracking!


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14th verse of the Tao te Ching

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tse

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tse

A little bit ago I begin commenting on all of the teachings of the Tao Te Ching. I was doing well till I read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer titled: Change your thoughts, change your life. This book is just that…all of the tao te ching verses explained and commented on. By the way, he does a wonderful job and I highly recommend it.

However, I did keep a few pieces because they meant so much. Also, because they gleam a thought  that I’d like to share.


The 14th verse of the Tao Te Ching: “Discovering how things have always been brings me into harmony with the way.”

Everything on this spinning planet is part of the natural world or what we have decided to call-Nature. We live in harmony with nature. We always live with nature. We, the human beings, often forget that we are part of this delicate natural balance just like everything else is. The Tao is asking us to remember this, and remember that nature and the natural way of things has been around a lot longer than we have, and the closer we connect to it – the better our lives are.

The 45-degree tilt of our earth creates the seasons in just the right way to allow the entire planet to strive. The sun comes up; the sun goes down – day and night. These circadian rhythms allow our world and all its inhabitants to live their normal daily lives in perfect balance and harmony. The balance is so great and so accurate, that it has been working for centuries without our help at all.

Go out into nature! Observe what’s going on out there. The birds are given homes, food, and a place to play. They’re given enough of their own kind to live and flourish. There are enough animals around to allow the meat eaters to eat and be happy. When the meat eaters are done, the scavengers arrive to clean up the scraps, the decomposers arrive to put the nutrients back into the ground, seeds fall into what the decomposers have created and create foliage, and the plant eaters that the meat eaters want to eat become full and content on the new plants. The water cycle works in perfect balance as well. All the water that falls or that is condensate eventually makes its way back to the sky and back to the oceans of the world. These cycles and rhythms of nature have been going on perfectly for a great number of centuries. The same waters the dinosaurs drank are the same water that you put in your fish bowls and the same water we use to make our pasta.

The balance is the way things have always been. The more connected you are to this balance, to this rhythm, the more you are part of “the way”. “The way” is a term the Tao Te Ching uses for the way to be at peace and happy with all things!

If your world is going insane and you’re worrying about everything, you are not connected to “the way”. If you are stressed out, you are not following the natural ebbs and flows of the natural world. There will be ups and downs. There is good and bad. Yet, these are the judgements we pass. No matter what, everything is in balance as long as you’re happy. As long as you’re happy you’re on the right path. As soon as you are worried or upset, you are identifying with the human form, the human world. Remember, the human world hasn’t done that many great things for this planet that has lived and breathed on its own for many many centuries. Somewhere we lost touch with this balance. If you were to talk to a frog and ask if he was worried, he would have no idea what you’re talking about. There is only the happiness of living and the caution of keeping up with the balance. If you’re unhappy, change the things you can and accept the things you can’t.

Things are not happening to you – they are just happening. You’re deciding if they’re good or bad.

Above all – just be happy with the way things are going. If they are going this way, you wanted it to be this way. If you didn’t want it to be this way, you would have changed it. If you haven’t changed your life situation and you are unhappy with it…what are you waiting for?

Everything is not as bad as it seems – I promise!

Viral video spawns sad response

I was sitting with a group of friends watching internet videos…because there are a lot of good stuff being created on youtube right now. In the middle of this, a new addition to the group suggested we watch a new viral video that was “all the rage! “Everyone is tweeting about it”. Here’s the premise of the viral video (I’m not going to post on here):

I hope she si ok!

I hope she is ok!

Girl stands in living room and begins dancing. She steps back so that her whole body can be seen. She is standing in front of as door on one side and a glass living room table with lit candles on it. She begins “twerking”. She twerks around the room. Thens he gets the idea she’s going to twerk upside down leaning on the door. Her friend opens the door causing her to fall on the glass table and her pants catch on fire amidst screams of terror.

Story 1:

Flashback to me and my friends…a group of people aging 30+ who do a variety of different jobs. At the end of the video, everyone erupted in laughter. Some tried to act concerned, but everyone (except me) begin laughing and falling out of their chair. A few of the comments were: “that was great”  “omg, that  was hilarious” and “wow, it gives new meaning to hot pants”. The roar of laughing continued and continued for many minutes.

Story 2 :

I watching a youtube video of a group of people watching this same video. They all sat watching intently at the computer screen. You hear the crash emitting from the computer speakers. Then every person erupts with a roar of laughter!  They begin to fall out of their seat, and continue to laugh on the floor till someone fumbles over in half cackle to end the video.

Story 3:

I was watching a very popular talk show in the afternoon where a group of famous woman conversate about the events of the day and the world. They decided to showcase this video that went viral. They showed an abbreviated version of this video to their millions and millions of audience and viewers. At the end of the viewing, the entire live audience begin laugh uncontrollably. The ladies couldn’t control themselves either and were lying on the table laughing and crying. After they wiped the tears of laughter away, they focused on talking about it. Most of them laughed and laughed as they spoke.


I hope she is ok!

I hope she is ok!

A few years back there was a video of a woman who accidentally ran as fast as she could into a bathroom stall door. It was a very very hard hit, and you can hear the crunching on the tape. It went viral and many people laugh about it to this day.  I knew this woman. She didn’t realize the stall was open and cracked open her skull. She had to have stitches, and was in a lot of pain for many many months. Then when the video went viral she became the but of all the jokes and all of the chats. Imagine seeing your image of a mistake that scard you for life passed around everywhere including the nightly news. To this day, this haunting memory follows her.

When did we stop seeing people as human beings with feelings and emotions?  When did we lose all feelings for our fellow human beings? Now we watch people get hurt and laugh and laugh. Besides Gangman style, the videos that go viral are usually of a person hurting themselves or injuring themselves to the point of needed emergency medical help.  EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP PEOPLE!!!!! Is it because there is distance between us and the people on the screen?  Is it because we don’t know them so we have no emotional tie to it?  Is it because, as scientist speculate, that we as a human race are becoming less empathetic and more numb of other people’s pain?  Is it because the media constantly mixes humor and violence together so that we are taught from a very young age that violence is funny?

We need to regrow our empathy!

We need to regrow our empathy!

Whatever is the reason that we have been taught and we are now mainstreaming this type of misery of others on a national level into millions of peoples’ homes it is a starteling and precarious situation we’re in. Here’s a scenario….a very real scenario….

Your mother……She is an older woman (senior citizen age) and she is walking onto a stage . Her glaucoma and orthopedic shoes make it hard to see and hard to walk. She carries a cane to help her walking but her glaucoma has almost made her completely blind. The doctors are working on getting a surgery date but it hasn’t happened yet because of some problems with medicare. She is walking onto this stage to receive a very prestige award for all the people she had helped and the volunteering she has done for the community.  As she walks across the stage to receive her award, she looses sight of where she’s walking and FALLS!!!!  She falls sideways, as one would who didn’t expect to fall, but there is a cafeteria table there to break her fall, but she falls through it in a shower of splinters.        THAT’S FUNNY RIGHT?  hahahaHAHAH

NO! It’s not funny…it’s gruesome. It’s heart stopping. It has the possibility to be a detrimental fall that paralyzes her for life or possibly puts her on a machine if she doesn’t die first. It’s shocking! It’s sad. It’s a picture of our own mortality and our own road as we get holder. It’s disrespectful to be filmed. It’s horrific.

We need to be more compassionate!

We need to be more compassionate!

Beside the part about it’s “your mom”…it was a viral video that was shown on every news channel in the nation, as well as various other “funny video” shows. it received millions of views and it was re-enacted by various groups and digital artists.  This is where we have arrived….

This is a call to action. A call for change. We can’t be this crass, this heartless, this disrespectful, this sad, this unsympathetic, this amazingly cruel!  We, as a society and a culture, are not sociopaths who feel nothing. We still have empathy for those who are hurt and maimed. We still feel fro those who are in pain and are suffering. This empathy is what makes us humans. This empathy for our fellow human, animal, friend is the natural state. All animals regardless of the class or species, all are concerned with the pain and hurt of another of their kind as well as those who aren’t their kind. Crows actually have a funeral for their fallen friends. Dogs gather around a pack member is hurt till they fiinally pass.  Big Cats stop hunting for a time when one of their pride dies. Dolphins band together to help a fallen or hurt animal.

Seeing other people get hurt and laughing or “a lack of empathy” is a psychological key to multiple brain problems and psychological damage.

WE ARE NOT THE THESE PEOPLE (without a diagnosis)

We have to do something to change the horrific laughing at people getting horribly hurt.

We have to do something to change the horrific laughing at people getting horribly hurt.

Now is the time for change!!!!!

The ability is in your hands…so what should we do?

1. Stop watching and viewing these kinds of shows and videos. (Lack of views…lack of posting)

2. Comment on these videos no matter where they are posted and explain how they aren’t funny they are sad and these people are seriously injured.

3.Tell others!

it’s time for us to start treating others like our fellow brothers and sisters rather than the disrespect we treat them with now!