8 questions with Michelle/Rebecca

These are 8 questions we all ask ourselves multiple times in our life. I wonder how similar the answers really are.
This is how Michelle/Rebecca answered these questions:
1. My name is Michelle! A lot of people call me Rebecca as well.
2. I am 23.
3. I am 5’6″ about 190 or, for those who can’t imagine weight, a little chubby. I have blonde hair that in the back is cut to the base of my neck and the front is about to my shoulders. I have green eyes and a good for my face sized nose. my left eyebrow will never match my right in shape. My lips are natrually a deep pink and I have a lot of freckles.
4. I live in Clearwater Florida
5. I ask this question all the time. I ask myself as well as others and I have not been able to find out why we are here. It seems like humans as a species have destroyed most of the things we have been given; yet in that same sentence a select grouping is able to preserve and inspire others to protect and enjoy what we have been given. Life in animals seems much easier to create a meaning. all animals serve a purpose. Even if you have a fish tank at home they all serve a purpose in your tiny ecosystem. Humans are a little similar in that aspect I guess, there are lots of types of people that have different aggression levels and different ways of finding happiness. We all also have different jobs that help us but I feel like not enough of those jobs concern the whole planets well being.
6. This is also a tough question. I think I am really afraid of what happens after. No one can tell us where they go. even spirits and such are lost here on earth; However I can’t say I believe that everyone goes to just 2 places. I would like to believe in reincarnation. That seems like the best option. Death is something a lot of people fear to the point of stopping them from doing things; that is no longer the case with me. I have seen so many family members regret not doing enough while they were younger or not doing what they wanted to in fear of other peoples concerns. If I want to do something I am going to do it. I will say however this has only been in motion for the past 3 years or so.
7. I am happy because I am very lucky. I have a wonderful husband and amazing fur children. I have also accomplished a lot in my short 23 years. I am a homeowner which makes me extremely proud, I have swam with whale sharks and manta rays, I even have my dream job of working at an aquarium. I am also very happy that I have been able to change my outlook on life and the people around me. Life is an amazing thing and I am glad I am able to cherish it!
8. The message I would like to give to the world is the importance of saving our world. Too many people think that the world is in not danger but in reality there is a trash pile the size of texas floating in our oceans. If our oceans deteriorate our chances deteriorate. Our oceans carry a massive amount of our life forces. We haven’t even discovered everything in our oceans yet! It isn’t just our oceans we need to be concerned about it’s also our rainforests and other land areas that need help. Think of how many animals have gone extinct because their homes were too polluted to live in. A good friend encouraged me that we are not too late to help our planet. It could also make people happy to make new friends in local clean up crews!

How to save the planet


I was talking to a group of students today and we were talking about how to save the planet. In the process of this conversation we came up with a group steps that, if I followed, will actually save the planet. Here are the steps to save our planet:

Step 1: Realize there’s a problem.
So often people do not realize that our planet is in trouble. There are people who think that recycling is a fad. The walk outside and they are cold so obviously the earth is not warming up. I have heard people say that the Earth changes and that is why our climate is changing. All of these people are not realizing that there really is a problem.

Step 2: Save energy
Turn off the lights! Turning off the lights does more than just save your electric bill, it saves electricity. The less electricity we use the last we have to use fossil fuels to create electricity. By saying this, I am NOT saying that electricity is bad. There are just a lot of ways that we create electricity that is bad for the planet. But we don’t have to. Look for other ways to create electricity such as solar or wind.

Step 3: Save the water
All the water that exist on earth is the same water that has always existed on earth. If we pollute or hurt our water it will be with us forever. The ocean circulates through the entire planet. Whatever we do too the oceans and lakes by us it will circulate to the rest of the world.The less water we use the less the water plants have to pump water in the pipes. Save the water!

Step 4: Recycle
We can’t keep putting stuff that will harm our planet into the planet which is where the landfills are. We have to keep oil and non biodegradable stuff out of the landfills. The more we recycle the left oil that is needed and the less stuff goes into our Earth. If we recycled on a global scale, that means everyone recycles, we have the ability 2 change the current problems of all the earth. The really cool thing is that everything can be recycled or re purposed.

Step 5: Inform and educate
The more we educate others, especially the young, the better the earth will be. We can’t just speak to the people we like to speak to-We have to speak to EVERYONE! We especially have to talk and educate ALL of the schools. Schools talk to kids who are the future. Schools and parents create good habits and good ways of acting….these are things that kids pick up everyday. Then we need to send billions upon billions of letters to the government…especially the biggest polluters:USA and CHINA. After that, we have to educate all of the busineses that benefit from oil and nonrecycling. They can come up with beter ways and corporate practices.

In the end, if we All worked and lived this 5 step process….we could stop global warming thereby stop climate change. The biggest obstacle is the money that is being made by not helping the earth. But if we all speak in one voice we can create change.

So many ways to help the enviroment


Sorry about the flash.

How do you help the environment its such a big problem?

There’s really nothing I can do about the environment.

There’s no way that humans can affect the earth kama so early this has been around for billions of years.

The three statements or statement I’ve heard many many many times. They have been uttered by every walk of life that I’ve spoken in front of. Every time I write a blog or talk about climate change, I’m confronted with these three statements. This post is the show you the reader what everyone, including you, can do to help thee planet.

First, The science from hundreds upon hundreds of scientists prove that the last statement is wrong.

The other two statements is truly what this post is all about.

Notice the picture.

This is Auntie Anne’s (a pretzel shop) way of helping the environment. Every one of their napkin dispensers reminds people to help the environment.  Each time people ask for napkins, the employees remind them to read the dispensers.

Subway restaurants decided to go to making all of their napkins out of recycled materials. Completely!  After that, they asked each of their patrons to use the least amount of napkins possible….another way of helping the environment.

I drove through a neighborhood, and there were 4 garbage cans at the curb with sings on them: Plastic, Aluminum, newspaper, glass, and misc paper.  I walked up to the house and asked what they were for.  The older man that was home smiled and said it was his wife’s idea. Turns out, that there was a sign that had blown away that explained everything. After helping the man track down his sign on the other block, it all became clear. “Please recylce your stuff. Here, I’ve provided cans for you to do so. Don’t litter!” – was what the sign said. So the young lady actually set up a recycling center right in her front yard. The gentleman said that people drive by and clean out their cars intot he respective cans. I smiled, thanked him, thanked his wife, and went back out to my car to clean it out.

Colin Beaven decided to create his life to be carbon free…actually see if he could completely erase his carbon imprint…and then he begin blogging about it. The No Impact man was born!   Out of his efforts, and entire nonprofit organization was created called the No Impact Project.

This was merely one man trying as hard as he could to help the earth by eliminating his carbon imprint. Couldn’t we all do this. Slowly eliminate the amount of plastics, gas, etc that we use on a daily basis. Eliminate our trash little by little. Think about it…every package that a piece of food comes in…can be recycled. If you’re not, then there’s an opportunity. Opportunities are everywhere to change our habits, change our ideas, and change te way we live our normal life so that we change the way we are affecting the world. Once we change how we are affecting the world…other people will take notice and begin doing ti as well.

Soon, this idea will become a movement. The more people talk about it, chat about it, blog about it, facebook and tweet about ti, instagram about it…the more we will get the idea out that we all have the ability to help the world every day and every moment.

Have world changing!!!


Beach Polluters

Let me put out a hypothetical situation:

A company goes into a very very very populated city. They begin really huge holes in this very populated city. The holes make a mess all over the city but the population just kind of moves on with it. Soon, the holes begin to get really really messy and the people in the city begin to stick on the mess. The people who are stuck on the messy stuff are stuck there, they cant move at all. So, their friends try to help them the best they can. But they get stuck there too. Soon a few of these people that are stuck begin to die.

The outrageous to the people of the city as you very well might imagine. In essence, this company is killing people. A bunch of people from neighboring cities come over and see the mess and explains the company that they’re killing people and this isn’t OK. The company explains that some casualties are expected and it’s better for the common good of the people that the company is selling stuff too.

A few years pass, more and more people die… More and more people speak out against this problem unless unless people care.

Suddenly! All the pipes in the holes explode and cover the entire city with thousands and thousands of gallons of this nasty stuff. It kills everybody in the city, it kills everybody in the neighboring cities, and even kills all the air that is around the cities.

The death toll is in the millions and billions. The company says sorry. However the sticky stuff continues to flow through city upon city upon City for weeks and almost months.

If the story was true, there would be outrage on a global scale. This is equal to what the Nazis did, what happened in Rwanda, and the many many incidences of genocide through out the world.

However, this didn’t happen to humans.


This is what happened in the deep water incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Millions and millions of animals, organisms, life were eradicated during this Incident. When it happened, the CEO of BP angrily said ” its really not that big of a deal and we’re taking care of it.”
So I try to make people aware of this by wearing my shirt. This is my attempt to educate as many people as I can so did they know this is really what happened. This shirt is a conversation starter for me to be able to create positive change.


Since that time there have been over 200 oil spills around the world. The amount of animals in people either killed or affected is stagering and astronomical There are thousands, possibly millions, of people working to end the spills and this destruction of our planet . Organizations like Green Peace, save the earth. org, and 350.org are constantly trying to change legislation, change policies, and educate everyone about the destruction that oil companies are currently causing to our earth.

It is my belief, that these things are not happening because polluting the earth sounds like a good idea. No doubt, anyone you ask including the oil execs would not say that they are working towards polluting more of the earth. No doubt, when the people who a responsible for okaying these ventures are sitting at their family dinner table, they arent propegating the view: “lets destroy the earth”, nor are they trying to teach their children to do this.

So why do they do it? Bills. They live in a world that has told them that the big house, multiple cars, best restraunts, jewlery, etc, etc is the goal of a succesful life. The higher your tax bracket the better person you are. This is the normal way of thinking in most societies and cultures. Oil..is BIG money. BIG!!! The execs are “captains of industry” and are featured on succesful magazines, shown mingling with famous and rich, and our children are told that they can become like them if they work hard.

Money is the reason. So how do.we.stop money? How do we stop greed? We vote with our money. Eliminate oil from your life. No plastics. No gas (yes, i know electric cars are expensive…just try to use less gas). Help campaigns that are trying to do.the same. Recycle everything! Get friends and coworkers to do thjs with you. Rediscover glass..instead of plastic.

The less the oil from the oil companies are needed, the less they need to.drill. Less drilling=less oil spill=less earth destruction. But we have to do.this on a very.vert large scale. There are 2 billion people in the US. We need at least 1/2 to do something. Right now we are only in the million mark…LETS CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE.NOW!!!!

Is your city on this list?

11 cities

11 cities commit to divest from Fossil Fuels.

Those cities are:

Madison, Wisconsin

San Fransisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Boulder, CO

Berkley, CA

Ithaca, NY

Bayfield, WI

State College, PA

Richmond, Ca

Eugene, OR

Santa Fe, NM

Is you city on the list?

If not, go to 350.0rg to find out how you can start a campaign to get your city on this list!

What is divesting from fossil fuels?

It’s the opposite of investing in fossil fuels. These cities no longer put any focus on fossil fuels at all. They are eliminating plastic bags, they are creating a full recycling program. They are encouraging their citizens to use more public transportation. Actually, many of these cities have gone to completely electric public transportation. The electricity comes from non-fossil fuel sources. They are working towards a completely green environment. And this si jsut the beginning!

You and your city could be part of this….let’s do this now!

Need money for my family in the rainforest


This is an advertisement for this nonprofit…yes it’s a real company.

It was a simple idea, create some fingers and a sign…attach it to trees. They raised a lot of money for the rainforest..thank you OroVerde!

When I was 15, there was a Forrest down the road. It wasn’t really that big, it was a lot of land that once was owned by an older man and he planned to put a house on it. Then he decided he would turn it into a park. Then he died. He had no living relatives, and the city kind of just forgot about it. It had been growing for 20 years by the time I moved there when I was 7. 8 years later, a sign was put on the lot that said it was going to be a public parking lot. I was outraged. My mom was outraged, and all of the people who lived around the lot…were outraged. Nobody did anything!  I should have done something…but I didn’t.

A friend of mine did though…he is and has been my inspiration for years. He died of breast cancer.

My friend sat down and made signs that had messages on them. Then he cut out the messages like they were speech bubbles. He tacked each speech bubble to a tree.  There were over 100. As we looked at the tacked speech bubbles, I was happy I helped put them up. He was happy he did it. I was too.

When the builders came to inspect they saw 100 out of 600 trees saying:

Don’t cut us.

What would our children think?

We are a family.

We are not firewood or building material.

I am worth more than a parking lot.

I have value.

There were many many more heart wrenching sayings…and the forrest was turned into a reserve for the animals that lived in it…and it was allowed to GROW.

Such simple ideas to create change….I bet you could do it too!

Chad Herman – Motivational Speaker


Oil drilling and the climate

Take a look around…we’re addicted to oil.

Wait…really take a look around at our oil consumption with only cars…

We’re addicted to oil!

Wow!  How addicted our society is. Since 1941 we have had the ability to not use oil or gasoline, yet we continue to. We could easily stop…but our addiction is so strong the change would cause us fits and problems.  then there are the people who truly believe there is nothing wrong with the earth.

Because they people see nothing wrong, they don’t see that there is a problem. Also, it’s very hard to understand a lot of this stuff if your daily lives are at stake.

Now ready for a real eye opener on how strong our addiction is?

Look at every piece of plastic in your life:

I’ll do mine just for an example(and this is only what I can see in my office):

my keyboard

my computer (most of it anyway)

my lamp

my windows

my water bottle (and the other 7 that are lying around here)

my thermometer

parts of my cushions

my chair

the paint on my walls

(Open up my fridge and it is a carbon plastic paradise)

It’s truly scary.  Where are we going to continue getting more and more oil…truth is…we aren’t!  We can’t. Once the reserves are out…we start drilling in places that will kill our planet more.

Now…here’s an interesting thought:

What if we can’t get to oil because it’s under ice. But, because of global warming, it’s now drill-able. Also, because it has been under ice for centuries, nobody thought to clear it as a protected preserve. Now suppose, that someone decided to buy that area, and build a pipeline of oil over 7000 miles long.  This oil pipeline would of course destroy many natural preserves, but they will plant new saplings to replace the 200 year old trees that are cut down.  Also, it WILL leak, but only as much as is acceptable.

ACCEPTABLE OIL LEAKING!!!!!!?????  Yes, that does exist.

This is called the keystone pipeline and yes it is a reality!

Yes, it is currently being built and the bill hasn’t been passed yet.

Yes, the keystone company believes it will have its bill passed.

Yes, they expect about 100 gallons of oil to spill, but over 7000 miles…that’s ok to them.

According to James Hansen, climate scientist, if it goes through its “Essentially game over” for the climate.

The  Keystone XL pipeline — which would carry oil out of Canada’s vast tar sands oil fields to Texas, where it will be refined, then burned across the globe, dealing a catastrophic blow to our chance of returning earth to a stable climate.

According to the global scientists: The Canadian tar sands are a carbon bomb. The 3rd largest oil field in the world, the difficult extraction and transportation of the tar sands oil ultimately produces up to three times the carbon emissions of traditional oil. (And extreme environmental devastation along the way.)1

The Keystone XL pipeline is the fuse to this bomb – a highway to swift consumption of this dirty, dangerous crude. As if that wasn’t enough, it poses a massive spill risk in the six states along the pipeline route, including over the Ogallala Aquifer which provides up to 30% of our nation’s agricultural water.

This all seems completely fine and natural to oh so many!

Here’s another odd story for you:  A 30-something woman was working at a bank. she loved her job and loved her life. She had a cat, a dog, a nice little condo, and a kayak to scoot around the local rivers and lakes. She got out of a bad relationship that left her a large debt she was cleaning up, and because of her career she never found time for kids. One day, she goes out on a blind date.

The date offers her a cigarette laced with heroin…it sets her a pleasure trip higher than she has ever been. (A normal description of heroin is that it is like the best orgasm in the world times 1 million, and you’re nowhere near close. )

From then on…she wants more. By the time she is 40ish, she has no job, no house, no belongings, and she is doing anything and everything she can to shoot the heroin in her veins. She shovels in drug after drug to keep her body going so she can get the next heroin fix. Prostitution, beatings, torture…all acceptable for the next fix.

A sad tale…but folks, this is the story of our earth and the oil addiction it has. We do irreparable damage in order to get enough fixes to allow us to continue driving from point a to point b and make a bottle so that when it is dropped…it won’t shatter.

Is this a good idea?

When will the addiction end?