April 22, 2013 – Earthday thoughts and inspiration

Happy Earth Day!!!

In the last few days I have cleaned up the beach, cleaned up the road we adopted, increased recycling in my house by 1/2 (pretty good considering there are 3 kids two of which are pre-teens), and wrote a blog about the importance of thrift shops.

This is my tiny little way to contribute to Earth Day 2013…and then I try to speak up and speak out. After this post I plan to post and repost as many Earth Day things on every social network I can. The more we repost and get the idea out there, the more people will do!

Many believe as I do that Earth Day 2013 should be every day of 2013.  I mean it’s our home, it’s the place we live, it’s all we have to live on.

No Earth=No Humans=No US!!

I watch,read, write about, and repost e-mails from 350.org all the time. This is an organization that is doing something to change the current situation into an opportunity for us to regrow and help our earth. If we all stopped doing so many of the things we do on a daily basis, and then increased recycling and lessened carbon pollution..we could do amazing things.

I don’t do these things with 350.org because it’s a way to get my name out there, it’s something fun to do, or I’m bored….It’s because it’s the right thing to do and we all need to be stepping up to the plate and doing something about the state our earth is in.

This is not my planet…this is my kids and grandkids planet. I am just helping it out till they take it over, just like our parents helped it out till we took it over. The Earth is the greatest inheritance we can pass on or receive.

It truly all came to a very big realization why I need to do all of these things a few months ago when I was watching a well dressed gentleman talk about bringing democracy to his country. A documentery was made about him, but it also pointed out another problem he is having with his country. His country is disappearing at an alarming rate – 10/feet per year. If this happened to my state of Florida…the beach would be gone in 3 years, the gulf would take over the “beach front” hotels in 4, and when my daughters graduate in 6 years, the intercoastal and the gulf would almost be the same water.  This man is the president of The Maldives, and this is happening right now.  The current data is saying that this process is increasing, and he is looking for ways to save his people and their livelihood.

Wait…why aren’t we all doing this?  Because it’s not affecting us right now?

When i was a kid of about 5-7 years old, I wanted to live on a little speck of land at the bottom of the Bahama chain of islands. I had researched it, got books about it, drew myself there…it was “the plan”. Life happened and I grew up, but the little island was always a dream in the back of my head. About a year ago, I came across something I wrote about that little island…IT’S GONE!

Covered by the ocean!!!  Covered!

This is reality, and I know many people who are dealing with this right now!

Our planet is bombarded with so many pollutants and garbage so that humanity can gain another foothold into the race of existence and prosperity all under the guise of “success”. We have to re-evaluate!

More and more oil destroying land, ecosystems, animals , and irreversibly destroying the planet in numerous ways (50 oil spills in 30 days totaling 1 billion gallons of oil all over the world)   all to propel archaic gas powered vehicles and to make plastics that make our lives more lazy.

Sand…it makes glass. I don’t need my stuff in plastic, sand can be used and then I’ll wash the glass out. Imagine how much plastic is produced…and it’s all destroying our planet.

Think about this on today..Earth Day 2013…and do somethign to change these atrocities!

Remember – you don’t have to think about or do anything about climate change, but it IS happening and it IS affecting you.






An old saying says: Yesterday is gone, the future is unknown, but the greatest gift we have is being here right now…that’s why it’s called a present.

I’ve always believed that there is a lot of truth to this little saying.

We are here right now, creating a future we will live in forever. Think of all the decisions that have been made by your past relatives and you think…why did you do that?  They did it to get you to be where you are right now.

Also, you are where they were. You are here, right here, in the now.

The things you do with your next seconds, minutes, and moments will define the paths and opportunities that are created to create the future. What do you want it to be like?  What do you ant it to look like?

Whatever your answer is…create it, and make it better than our current reality. We have the ability to change the world, but first we must change the next minute, and the one after that.

Let me know the awesome things you’re doing…and I’d be happy to showcase and put it on the blog!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank You

Amazing things ordinary people have done

Are you an ordinary person?

I sincerely hope you did not answer yes tot his question….I don’t believe anyone in this universe is ordinary. Every single person in this universe is capable of amazing extraordinary things! AND…that means you!!!

This post goes hand in hand with the post Do you believe in a solution this much

There are amazing people that have done amazing things to end the problems of their world just by doing something…..radical.

The most important disclaimer I can add tot his post is…I don’t endorse breaking a law or causing a problem (but sometimes it takes that to make a difference!!)

The first 2 are the famous tree-sitters. These are people who building a camp on or just merely chain themselves to a tree so that nobody can cut the tree, and it also makes a major comment towards the problem of deforestation.

Mikal Jakubal was the first American tree sitter.[citation needed] On May 20, 1985 he ascended a Douglas Fir in an area of the Middle Santiam region of Willamette National Forest that was in the process of being clearcut. While short-lived, his tree sitting action inspired a group tree sitting event by Earth First! activists that lasted from June 23 to July 20, 1985, when two Linn County, Oregon sheriff’s deputies wrestled Marylander Ron Huber from his tree after a day-long stand-off.

Julia Butterfly Hill, an activist in Humboldt County, California became known for her 738 day sit (from December 10, 1997 until December 18, 1999) in a 180-foot (55 m), 600-year-old Coast Redwood tree she named Luna. Eventually, Hill and other activists raised $50,000 to spare her tree and a 200-foot (61 m) buffer around it.

The next man has to be honored. He decided that the soviet tanks would not come through China. As the entire city population watched in horror as the Soviet tanks rolled into their city, one lone man stood up to them…him and only him!


Friar Louis Vitale has protested and said he would not abide by any form of violence for decades. He has created a nonviolent peace organization called Pace Bene which teaches people to end violence and educate others on how this nonviolence peace is possible.

He has nonviolently protested wars, violence, and recently the drone experiments. Unfortunately, people do not heed his peaceful protests and put him in jail…because they can’t do anything else. Interesting enough, when they put him in these super max prisons to “teach him a lesson”, he ends up holding classes, prayer sessions, and even peace sit ins.


Another person we could talk about is Bill McKibbon. He was a scientist who did a lot of research on climate change and suddenly found that we were heading towards a significant problem. He told his superiors, he published his data, and even spoke all over the world about the data…and nobody listened. He struck out on his own and was one of the main creator4s of the original Earth Day. Finally, he decided to create an organization and nonprofit to help the world and help reverse climate change by stopping what we are doing right now. He calls this organization 350.org and he has educated and brought a lot of people together. Is it enough?  Who knows.  But his whole life is dedicated to this ideal.



How much of our life can we spare to change the world?

Change is possible and YOU can do it!


Nonviolence – POSSIBLE!

End world hunger – POSSIBLE

End climate change -POSSIBLE

Cure cancer (all kinds) – POSSIBLE


End Gender violence-POSSIBLE

End inequality – POSSIBLE

End homelessness – POSSIBLE

End war – POSSIBLE

End destruction of animals (all animals) – POSSIBLE

End extiction and endangered – POSSIBLE

End greed – POSSIBLE

Doing nothing – IMPOSSIBLE!

What else do you think is possible?

Change your view on straws

I was sitting at a restaurant drinking a cool refreshing beverage. I sipped the liquid up the straw and rejoiced in the taste as it filled my mouth. Suddenly it occurred to me…here’s an opportunity for change!

All plastics are made from oil based products.  The scary part is when you look around and see how much of our daily lives are made of plastic. The oil/fossil fuel/climate change problem is bigger than the gas we put in our car – SO MUCH BIGGER!

Every piece of plastic is part of the problem.

(Note: This is funny. A friend of mine said that if I keep putting up such controversial posts, I would lose my readership and nobody would hire me to come speak to their group of organization. Wow….wanting to making things better is controversial now?  Who knew.)

But we have really gotten use to all o9f our plastic stuff, I mean looking at children’s toys (especially toddlers).  I know what you’re thinking…great Chad, now you want me to get rid of all of my plastic stuff?  Not really…as much as it would be a good idea, I can’t do that so I’m not going to ask anyone else to do it either.

Let’s start small….because the small things are the most numerous, and they are often not on our radar at all…because they are so small. When you friend sits in a plastic chair, you look the chair up and down and think…wow, that’s a lot of oil use. But it’s not like you’re going to try to eradicate plastic chairs.

Let’s think…what is small, extremely numerous, made of plastic, and billions are used everyday and thrown away like they are nothing?

That brings me back to the original story of me sitting at the restaurant…..plastic straws.

I got up from my seat and asked the restaurant manger how many boxes of plastic straws he goes through on a daily basis. He didn’t know but he did know that every week he has to stock up on straws and he buys 5 boxes a week and 500 comes in each box….that means his little restaurant (since it’s not one of the big chains…that’s another blog post) uses 2500 straws per week or 10,000 per month or 120,000 per year. Wow!  That’s 102,500 feet of straws….and this guy is only open from 5am-2pm. Imagine what a big chain like Chillis, Applebees, or even McDonalds is using on a daily basis.

So small…..a very very big problem when you’re looking at billions, possibly trillions per year being used and disposed of every day. Remember…nobody recycles straws.  They are recyclable however!

I mean have we lost the ability to lift a glass to our mouth?

Here is a great place to start creating positive change with this issue.

1. I went researching and this is already a cause that is being taken up (this was a relief since I previously thought that nobody cared). Please go to this website and sign the petition and send it to all of your friends.

2. Visit this site and see the alternatives to using straws and some ideas of what you can do.

A scary fact off of that website:

More than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in the United States every day and would fill more than 127 school buses daily, or more than 46,400 school bus loads per year. (40ft. – long buses)*




3. Stop using straws and begin asking restaurants that you frequent to stop using straws or at least educating their customers on the use of straws.   You could create flyers and ask your local restaurants to post it about straws.

4. Real change – You can contact a chain, or if you know someone who works at a change…contact them, and ask them to reduce the use or recycle them or eliminate straws altogether.  I mean we use and reuse silverware, why couldn’t we create durable straws and use and reuse them?

This is your campaign and this is your change to make.

Change comes in ways that we often don’t see. There are ways to improve our world all over the place, all we have to do is look around. The smallest items are often the ones that go unnoticed, but are clogging our landfills, our lungs, and our bodies the most.

There was a time that a small amount of ddt(a deadly chemical) was used in pesticides and home spraying…this little amount was killing people.  There was a big campaign and now DDT deaths are almost nonexistent…but it took a lot of people to change it.  You are one of those people!

No matter what, when in doubt look to the past and see what use to be “normal”….all the changes were made by peopel who took that cause on their shoulders. You can too!

Sandy,climate change, and steriods

Our climate is changing.

Our world is changing and it is killing and destroying people.

Canw e be the ones to change this? Can we be the ones to reinvent our world….YES!

We have to do something, or storms like Sandy will be normal. We’re already seeing really really weird weather….and all the scientist say there’s no sign of stopping.

If there are people who do not believe this…that’s fine, but they will still be affected by it!

When we are positive…we are that positive energy!

After watching this video…we can never ever be the same!

Negative words and phrases towards others does create harm, destruction and hurt.  Most of the violence in the world is caused by just such negativity!

Negative self talk and negative opinions hurt us! They hurt the way we are, the way we exist, the way we feel…and our health!

Stop the negative talk…positivity is the only option!



Materialism – aka Cancer

What is the definition of cancer?

Cancer is an organism that accumulates more than it needs and destroys everything in its path.

Let’s say you buy a shirt. It tears and you throw it away. You buy 10 shirts this time, so you will always have a spare…plus it was a good deal. Did you need 10 shirts…you can justify and say yes, because I will eventually wear 10 shirts. However, if you’re like most people you do laundry once a week. Do you wear 2 of the relatively same shirts every day?  NO!  So now you have more shirts than you need….just in case. Then a new cool shirt comes out. The advertisements say you have to have the t-shirts.  So you go and have to get this shirt as well. For most people, this is normal life.

But multiply this by 5 million people and we get 50 million t-shirts that aren’t needed. These shirts will then be thrown away and 2 shirts equal 1 lb, so that means 25 million pounds of garbage will be placed in our landfills. Wow!  Then these will begin to hurt our earth as we bury them…thereby cutting our own lifeline.

As this video shows us, this is only the beginning.

We must begin reducing our addiction to materialism, or our recycling efforts will never be enough.

In addition to all of this, our consumerism and materialism encourages other countries that do not have our laws to force children, the elderly, and slavery to reach this demand at the “WAlmart” price we accustomed to.

How easy is it to inspire positive change with this issue….teach your kids.  Then teach their school. Then teach your neighbors…offer to take their recyclables and anything they are getting rid of (except legitimate trash) and re purpose, donate, or recycle all of it.

Now, you’re motivating for positive change!

How else can we end this materialism?


Literal meaning of recycling

What is the moto of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle.

This means:

1.reduce the garbage and decrease the landfills.

2. Reuse the things that you have in a different way.

3. Recycle – asking people to do it.

The best way to reuse and re purpose the things you have is turn one thing into another.

That is what this video is doing. Imagine, we could create and make skrts as long as we have a strip of material (sheet, blanket, towel etc.) and 1 seam.  There’s even a handy one handed sewing machine that I saw at one of the mart stores for like $10. Wow!

Here at Motivating For Positive Change, we are looking for everything and anything to reuse to use it for something else. On our facebook page we have added all sorts of ideas.

But, Motivating For Positive Change can not take all the credit….our friends at the No Impact Project brought us a lot fo that information. So thank you very much for them.

What can you reuse in a different way?