Need money for my family in the rainforest


This is an advertisement for this nonprofit…yes it’s a real company.

It was a simple idea, create some fingers and a sign…attach it to trees. They raised a lot of money for the rainforest..thank you OroVerde!

When I was 15, there was a Forrest down the road. It wasn’t really that big, it was a lot of land that once was owned by an older man and he planned to put a house on it. Then he decided he would turn it into a park. Then he died. He had no living relatives, and the city kind of just forgot about it. It had been growing for 20 years by the time I moved there when I was 7. 8 years later, a sign was put on the lot that said it was going to be a public parking lot. I was outraged. My mom was outraged, and all of the people who lived around the lot…were outraged. Nobody did anything!  I should have done something…but I didn’t.

A friend of mine did though…he is and has been my inspiration for years. He died of breast cancer.

My friend sat down and made signs that had messages on them. Then he cut out the messages like they were speech bubbles. He tacked each speech bubble to a tree.  There were over 100. As we looked at the tacked speech bubbles, I was happy I helped put them up. He was happy he did it. I was too.

When the builders came to inspect they saw 100 out of 600 trees saying:

Don’t cut us.

What would our children think?

We are a family.

We are not firewood or building material.

I am worth more than a parking lot.

I have value.

There were many many more heart wrenching sayings…and the forrest was turned into a reserve for the animals that lived in it…and it was allowed to GROW.

Such simple ideas to create change….I bet you could do it too!

Chad Herman – Motivational Speaker


Doing things to help others?


I suggested to a group of people that we all have the ability to do something to help others and they said:

Yeah, well maybe you do, but we`re not like you.

What?  Really?

We choose who we are. We choose who we decide to be. We choose whether or not we’re going to have a good day or a bad day. We choose to be happy, and we choose to be sad. Our choices define who we are at any given moment.

I wake up everyday and say the same thing: It’s going to be a good day.

I wake up everyday and say…I’m going to do something to help others.

I wake up everyday and say…I’m going to be happy.

What’s the alternative?  What’s the other way of being?

Why would you want that?

helpStand up today and say in a big booming voice: I will be happy and help someone today.

Then go out and do just that. It’s amazing how many people you can help on any given day, and it feel so so so good.

However, one of the main reason why people don’t go out and do something good for people…they’re too busy.

Let’s see how this sounds:

Too busy to help an old man across the street.

Too busy to open a door for someone.

Too busy to check and make sure someone is ok on the side of the road.

Too busy to give every person you meet a small compliment. Whether it be about their hair, their clothes, anything…it’s a gift to so many.

Too busy to spend a dollar on a fundraiser.

Too busy to give someone the change the needed.

Too busy to pull out the chair for someone.

help3Too busy to pick up the phone you’re practically connected to…to call someone and say hi. That might be the most joyous part of their life.

Too busy to say a little prayer for someone.

Too busy to bring someone’s trash can to their home from the curb.

Too busy to offer your lonely neighbor some of the food you just cooked your family.

Too busy to put a few positive things on facebook.

Are you really that busy?

Short story collection sneak peak

Yes, there will be a collection of short inspirational stories.  Here’s just a sample of what you will see:

Enjoy the writing.

Signs to the world

I don’t think I ever knew what I was really doing. I never thought it was that grand of an idea.  Now, a mere 5 years later they’re saying things I can’t believe.  They’re saying that I revolutionized the way people think.  I was in a book store the other day and saw a book titled: Jaime Brim, the man who created the new world.  My own face was looking back at me.  That man I see in the mirror everyday isn’t the man everyone sees me as.  People have talked, lectured, written, and wrote speech about those days.  I’ve been on so many TV shows I don’t know whose desk I’m sitting in front of anymore. They ask the same questions that I don’t have answers for.  So I decided, since everyone is so eager to know, I’ll stop the speculating.  I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions first hand.  I’ll actually tell you what happened, so people will stop asking and stop guessing.  Sometimes though I believe, the guesses sound better than the truth.  I wish I was the Jamie Brim of the books and articles, but I’m just Jame.


I was chasing the last of my lemonade across the bottom of a glass on a boring Sunday afternoon.  I was trying to avoid the stuff that I had brought home from work, and the wife was finishing a book she had been putting off for months.  In essence, I was bored.  I finally slurped that last drop up, much to the annoyance of my wife downstairs who yelled at me for slurping.  I knew I needed to busy myself.  I looked over the stacks of proposals, and watched my son play with his friends.  The boys threw a football around while the girls stood on the side lines asking to play, and hating the ball they would learn to hate in different ways once they got older.

I walked downstairs and lured as many neighborhood kids as I could with promises of ice cream and doughnuts.  I piled them into my constant reminder of suburban mediocrity, the mini-van, and drove to the art store.  I didn’t know what I was doing, or why I was going there.  I had dreams of a pollockesque paint fiasco in my front driveway, with all the kids painted head to toe.  The mere sight made me chuckle, and that was enough for me to keep driving with the yells and giggles of a child packed mini-van.  I let them run rampant through the store to the horror and disgust of the old women and shop keepers.  They pulled, yelled, bumped, and destroyed everything they came in contact with.  This type of anarchy was exactly what my boredom soaked mind needed.  After 20 minutes of watching 15 rampaging 6-8 year olds, I suddenly found myself in front of the poster boards section.

Poster boards have fascinated me since my high-school days.  I was always the kid in the group that never did his work and slyly dated a group member so that they wouldn’t be pissed.  I would sit, guilt soaked, as far under my desk as I could push myself, and marvel at the pristine glorious picture that erupted into the classroom from these adolescent masterpieces created with nothing but poster board and washable markers.  As these visions drown out the yells and screams of the kids I looked at the virgin white boards and decided I must have them.  I bought the entire lot of the biggest boards I could.  I rounded up the menagerie and arrived in the driveway faster than you could say play date.

I told all of the kids to run and get every kid they could find and every marker they could get their hands on.  With 5 bowls of leftover Halloween candy, markers, poster boards, and sugar induced hyper activity I started drawing letters on the boards.  The kids colored them with a creativity that any good hyped up junkie or future Disney executive would respect, and we worked into the day.  By the time the street light alarm clock that said everyone had to be in their houses arrived, we sat in the middle of a cluster of poster boards any school teacher would be proud to see covering their floor after group day.  As the kids left and I stacked the boards up, my son asked what it spelled.  I barely knew myself, but then again, it was the plan.  I was told by an old English teacher; if you’re going to write something out of your own head, might as well make it say something worthwhile; so I did.  I told my son I’d tell him in the morning, and I did what every other parent in the neighborhood did that night; forced my kid into a bath he didn’t want, to clean off all of the washable markers.  Too bad they weren’t all markers.

Sunday came around; my wife saw the huge stack of poster boards sitting in the garage and complained about the mess.  In all honesty, I don’t blame her.  Who would want mounds of markers, poster boards, and colored walls decorating her pristine suburban house?  Many of you right brainers out there are raising your hand, but I’ll bet your spouse isn’t.  I called all of the parents and asked them if they would let their kids come over, and told them that there would be a neighborhood parade.  They all loved the idea, and even the kids who didn’t help wanted to be in the parade.

By 9 am, twice as many kids had showed up.  Now, my house sits at the end of a cul de sac.  There’s a short road that leads to the main road in the track and that road leads to the highway.  I only say this so you’ll understand the way the parade was planned.  At the expense of all of the minutes in my shared cell phone plan, I asked all the parents to line up at the end of the cul de sac, and their children would walk pass them in their entire half washed marker splendor.  We put the final touches on the boards, I lined them up, and we started walking.

Let me pause here for a moment to tell you a few things that I did  not know was going on while this was all happening.  Remember, I was avoiding work and bored out of my mind, so I thought a messy, crazy weekend with the kids was a perfect excuse.  The whole parade thing was an idea to keep the kids busy for another day, because my son wouldn’t stop asking what we were going to do with all of the posters.  In reality, I was done after Saturday.  But, kids like to be the center of attention; so why not do something cool for them and their parents.  And maybe, I could avoid work and boredom for another day.  Unbeknownst to me, there was a woman at the end of the culdesac that was a copy editor for the local paper.  The man that lived on the corner of my street that I barely exchanged waves with rushing late to work, was having an interview with a nationwide news channel because of some Tupperware stuff he had created.  If this wasn’t enough, there happened to be a really bad wreck on the highway just off of our road so there were 3 news choppers in the air.  My little boredom induced parade had the ability to become the most publicized event this side of the presidential speech.  So, with these wheels spinning within the wheels of the neighborhood, about 80 pairs of parents including my wife, 100 or so friends of the families, and the other 50 neighbors packed the end of the road to watch their little bundles of joy walk by holding a poster board that they may or may not have colored.

I took the lead, and away we marched into history.  Within minutes, more neighbors and cars arrived.  In 10 more minutes we were half way down my street and crowds were forming on my well manicured deed restricted neighbors’ lawns craning their necks to see the kids with posters.  The children smiled, yelled, hooted, giggled, and hollered.  By the time we hit the crowd at the end of the road a mere 15 minutes later, 4 news vans, 3 helicopters, a dozen reporters, and every proud parent watched us make, what has now been called, the most revolutionary statement in the history of our country.  We stopped at the highway and put down our signs.  I began collecting boards 35 minutes after we left the house.  The crowds descended on us like locust.  First the parents, then the bystanders, and finally the paparazzi.  We had no idea what we did, but the kids took every piece of attention they could.

Sitting at home that night watching the commentators of CNN talk about my plea to the governments of the world, I laughed and guffawed like I have never before.  My wife was irate that I would be so daft to not take this seriously, but in reality, I had no idea that it was that serious.  To me, it was myself and a bunch of kids with poster boards trying to escape the boredom of the summer.  Who would have thought that a bunch of kids, a bored corporate worker, some markers, and some white paper could do so much.  I mean really, are these that strong of words:

Please stop the fighting.  Just be nice.  Just try to get along.  If not for the earth, for us.

I guess they are.  Since I’m sitting here talking to you, it seems they are.

One Billion Rising

1 billion

Genital mutilation because women do not need to feel pleasure during sex.

Domestic Violence because a woman should know her place.

Human Trafficking because women are just there for men’s pleasure and to work.

Forced labor because that’s what women are supoose to do while the men lead them.

Forced capture because women don’t need to do anythigjn but have babies, take care of the babies, and take care of their man.

Mysogyny because women are not as good as men

Force wage discrimination because a woman does not worth as much as men.

Sexism because women are seen as mere objects, not living human beings.

Rape because women are only here for a man’s pleasure.

These are the pervasive beliefs around the world towards the female gender.

The same gender that populates more of the world by 2%.

The same gender that creates life.

The same gender that has been creating what every one of us craves since the beginning of time (no matter what else she does) – A Home.

The same gender that gets recognized on poster boards, lips, and screams every time a camera is at a sports event or in a crowd.

The same gender that has fought for equality for their entire existence.

The same gender that has uplifted every single one of us.

Why is this acceptable?  It’s not!

Do this on Feb 14

Do this on Feb 14

On February 14th, world wide, billions of men and women will stand up, dance, and speak out and say in one unified voice:

  • NO! WE will not stand for this violence against women anymore.
  • Violence against women will end…NOW!
  • All Violence(verbal, mental, physical, sexual) against women must end!

 Link to the one billion You tube channel. You’d be surprised at who is there.

Go to this link.  One billion rising is an organization dedicated to stopping worldwide violence against women. This organization was created by Eve Ensler, a advocate against gender violence, writer, poet, and creator of The Vagina Monologues. Do something. Learn the dance, make a video, start a march, a campaign, whatever….we must do something!  Become part of the one billion rising movement.

Stop all violence against women..NOW!

Stop all violence against women..NOW!

Hire nationally accliamed motivational speaker – Chad R. Herman

Chad Herman has spoken to over 200 groups, organizations, and schools throughout the Southeast area…and you can have him speak to your company and organization as well. Whether it be emcee work or what Chad is truly good at, motivating people to make a positive change in the world or just in their community. Chad Herman has spoken to 1000’s for corporations like Xerox and Darden Restaurants and to handfuls at local YMCA’s and Boys and Girls clubs.

Chad Herman has taught High School English, College Social Sciences, and prevention of violence and Domestic Violence for the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) under the DELTA project. His knowledge of multiple subjects, ideas, and causes makes him an ideal candidate to not only speak to any group or organization, but also to be able to actually understand, relate, and tailor the motivational speech specifically to them so that at the end, they not only feel that they were entertained but also inspired to do something to help their community and therefore help the world become a better place.


Chad Herman lives and works under a very simple business model: Motivate and inspire as many people as possible to realize how valuable they truly are, and how much they can do in their life and their community to make our world a better place. No matter who you are, you have a talent and an ability to do something/anything to help make the moment, the day, the week, the month, or even the year a little beter for a cause, a group, or an organization that is desperately in need of your help and your time in order to make a difference. We are all agents of change, and Chad shows you just how important and how talented you really are.

Topics Chad can speak on:

Promoting peace and nonviolence

Prevention of Domestic violence

Changing the world

Climate Change


General motivation

Motivating people to do something to change their community

Team building

General Inspiration

Teen self esteem building

Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Bullying prevention

Random Acts of Kindness

The importance of a thank you

Chad’s reasonable pricing and rates are dependent on the speech and the amount of time you’d like him to be there. If you’d like him to bring inspiration as an emcee, do a 1-2 hour inspiring speech, or teach a motivating 3 hour seminar on how to start something in your community….he will work with you to find a price that fits your budget and a program that fits your needs.

If you’re interested in bring Motivating For Positive Change to you, click on any of the above links, or click here and leave a message for Chad.     Namaste!

 Book Chad….Today

Earth day April 2013

Earth day?

Wait i can’t deal with more than one day or holiday at a time. I can’t think about earth day yet…what can I do?


Earth day is not a day, it’s an idea that was created to pay attention tot he health of the Earth. I know you don’t pay that great attention to your health…me either. My foot has hurt for years, yet I’m not going to go see anyone for it since it’s working fine.

Did you hear that? A whole bunch of people who just read this just sighed. Why?  Because it’s obvious that if I don’t take care of my foot, it won’t hold up my 160lb frame for much longer. Very true.

However, this is the idea that we as humans, and the nations of the world, take on the health of our earth. it’s ok…we’ll be fine. Nothing is different it’s all good.

Then things like Sandy happen.  As one picture I’ve posted says…when you were debating on whether the climate was changing…it changed. That’s the real truth.

When the entire world is having WEIRD (to say the least, at the most….Grease reference) weather…it’s not just “normal”….it’s the “new normal” that will turn into an even newer normal that we haven’t see for centuries.

Remember, when humans mess with nature things go bad. A few examples:

1930 – bad farming created a dustbowl and dust storms that lasted for 5 years in the US.

1950’s – DDt killed millions of people, food, animals, and the insects it was suppose to kill.

2001 – the bee population begin to drop (still is by the way). no bees- no vegies…animals and humans die.

2006 – Huge HUGE shelf falls off the antartic continent

2008 – Colorado and the Alps have no snow for winter.

There are so many more…go to for a lot more of how climate change is affecting us and what we can do.  So I gues we should all be doing something.

ME?  I recycle EVERYTHING at my house. My kids call me a recycling nazi…but that’s ok. At work I recycle everything I can get my hands on…and I have inspired many many peopel to do the same.

I write letters to oil industries and daily get on Facebook and to sing petitions and forward things to people to do something about the destruction of our earth. Go out and speak about doing something to help change the world and the earth is a big part of the conversation. Because no matter what….it’s pretty simple equation:

no earth=nothing else!


Serve and help all!


No matter what you do…Help others.

There is so much everyone of us can do!

Follow your heart. What do you feel about…enviroment, kids, poverty, animals -which ones.

You don’t have to do something can be so very small and turn into somethign so big.

Do you work?  Silly question…most of us do. Put out a small jar and explain you are collecting change for your charity, your cause, etc….send an e-mail all around, just like those ones you forward all over the place. Ask for pennies,…not dimes and quarters and dollars…if they want to do that, that’s find, but you’re just asking for pennies.  It’s amazing how those pennies add up.

Pennies….My daughter asked for pennies and raised $150 for special olympics.

I asked for pennies and raised $500 for the SPCA.

My wife asked for pennies and raised $150 for her friend to walk the 3 day breast cancer awareness walk…that’s double giving right there. She’s awesome like that.

A gentleman sat a 5 gallon water bottle on a street corner with a sign that said…please give pennies to all those people who don’t have any. He put a chair out, and sat there pointing out the jug. Within 2 weeks the jug was full. He lugged into the local homeless shelter and said, thank you for putting me up here a few years back. The entire thanksgiving and Christmas dinner was paid for with that 1 jug alone. the money they allocated for those dinners went to blankets and heat.

What are you doing and for what?

We can end poverty! You can help!



We have reelected our president!

Whether you like it or not does not matter.

Whether you voted for him or not does not matter.

What this picture is saying what matters.

The president is making a very good point. These are 2 very very big problems in our world. We must always ask ourselves, what are we doing to help the children in these situations. There are so many people that sit in poverty everyday…and people say, well they should get out of it.

Many people who say that…did pull themselves out of this poverty stricken world, but the children don’t know any better or anymore than what is around them.

As a child who ate welfare cheese, mixed powder to make milk, and often ate ketchup sandwiches because there was nothing else….I understand how it feels to think that this is just the way everyone else lives.  When we went to the movies the rules were simple…we’re here to wotcha  movie not eat. Little did I know that going to a movie was a luxury that was scraped together and saved for. When we went to the mall, we were there to “look” and, now i know, to price everything that I and my brother wanted, so that my mom could figure out how she was going to pay for it. Did she want out of this life…yes! But the disease that forced her to lay in bed all day sometimes, and the disability was often not enough…but it was more than the food stamps people wanted her to make…so we didn’t get those either. We were suppose to be getting child support checks, but this was before the days of forcing dads to pay for child support like they do now, plus one of our dads was disabled so you could figure there was no money coming out of that potato. Busses and walking were our transportation. Why do I tell you this?

Because I can remember many many times when I was sitting at a bus stop and a person walked by and gave me an apple, paid for our bus fare, and the local shelter had a “free toy” day. Yes, a free toy day. That’s a day when all the kids could come and grab 2 free toys from the toy room – those were awesome days. I remember when the people who were holding garage sales would look over at us playing with out put together bikes and say, do you guys want any of this stuff?  It didn’t take a lot to make us happy, and it didn’t take a lot to help realize that life was cooler and neater than we realized. We knew we were the “have nots’ but the more people gave and helped…we began to feel like the “have’s”…and though it was nothing to most of the people who gave us stuff…it was everything to us.

One day a man and his wife drove down the street ringing bells…we rand out and every parent and every child got gift cards. Wow…now that was neat.

Today I am part fo many giving trees and present trees and one day I was told I had to deliver 3 big bags to the projects across town. I drove over there and parked in the unpaved driveway of a run down apartment complex.  I walked up tot he door and the parent answered…a parent who had been left high and dry with 2 kids, a broken arm, and no job. The parent wanted to get a GED, but life had not allowed that yet. A job was the 1st priority, but all the jobs had gone to on-line applications, and the library was 5 miles away to use the computer. Things were bleak. I was invited in, and though it was Dec 22…there was no Christmas stuff up because there just wasn’t any. I unloaded the three bags and put up a tree, presents, and stocked the fridge. The parent sat on the ground and cried. I knew of a place that would hire the parent, but they really didn’t want to take my charity…so I gave them the number.  They got the job and it works around school times.

What can we do to end poverty, homelessness, and lack of opportunity….so very much.

Please go out and DO something.

What are you planning to do?


End Domestic violence NOW!

This anchor shaved his head to speak out publicly on domestic violence!

What are you doing to end this?

What could anyone do to end this?

We’ve tried walks.

We’ve tried events….now we need more.

Who is going to take up this charge and do something very publicly.

Remember…1.5 million people are abused every year in the United stated alone.  What does this look like…well according to the people who were at this event (It was a national birthday…there were 1.5 million people there.)

This number has gone up every year.

In the county I live in alone 14 people have been killed.

The local shelter has helped 3,000 people in 1 day…we need to do something to end this, change this!

What can we do?

Eat local and be merry!

There’s something to say about the food industry and the same names popping up everywhere.

It’s a great business opportunity to be the proud owner of multiple chains of restraints…but how much is given make to the community or your neighborhood?  Sadly…not much. The Chain corporation itself might actually give back something, maybe even a lot, but the individual store is not giving back much at all.

The best way to invest in your local community, your local neighborhood, and often all your local charities and ways to help people – eat locally. But what does that mean?

Next to the grocery store in my city, there is a strip of stores, or what a lot of people call “strip malls”.  In there is a little thrift store (all the proceeds go to a local homeless shelter), a dress consignment store (10% of the profits goes to the domestic violence shelter), a small café, and a clock sales shop. The small café was opened by a young couple back in the 60’s. Flash forward to today….my wife and I have eaten there for about 7 years and he was always very nice. Suddenly, he announced he was selling it. His wife had died and now he was just moving on. Everyone said that there would be no way to replace this old standby and if they did…it just wouldn’t be the same. A small restaurant down the road was also closing because it was just too big. This was a sad thing to think that these two local restraints were closing because of lack of usage.

Down the road was 4 fast food places, 3 chain restraints, and you could see “for sale” signs on all the local eateries. Both places closed, but the 1st place opened up again within 2 weeks. When we walked in who was there but the lady who owned the other restraint….she had reopened it and made it as homey and great as the little café always had been.

It’s great to walk into a little eatery and people say hi..because they are literally greeting you, not because they are trained to do this the way the focus groups said they should. This si a place where “
the usual” is not necessarily an item on the menu, but the usual thing that they make you because you are part of the neighborhood and part of the family. This is a  place where you can find out how the local little league is doing, and whether Sam’s wife Suzy will be getting out fo the hospital soon.

This view of community and life are slowly going away for the familiarity of sameness. This is again linked to our inability to change, but not only that…our inability to see our world and our neighborhood as a community again. When you see your world as part of the whole, you want to take care of it, help it, and help each other. When I go out and speak to people, I always make sure I stop in at a local shop or two and definitely make sure I have breakfast or lunch at one of the places that the locals says is just great.

When they ask who I am and what I do, I’m suddenly surrounded by people who are talking about the things that need to be done in their city or town. I’ve done this is big cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle…but I’ve also done this in little towns that most people would not even know the names and everyone always has ideas on how to change the world for the better. Suddenly, I’m motivating for positive change and they are looking for ways to improve their little community. Out of these talks have come ways to adopt out all the puppies in a shelter, a neighborhood recycling program, and the eatery started a drive for homeless shelters, little league teams cleaned up the roads around their fields, and everyone started being neighbors again. Happiness was the name of the day, and helping others was the way they all acted. When we can get all people together talking happily and smiling as they help others, that is peace, that is change, and that is the way we can change the world.

And it all starts by shopping and eating at local places!