Why it’s not good or bad..it just is

An interesting true story:

A man was looking for a daycare for his daughter. He found a great one, and a few days later the day care closed down. He saw this as bad. He enrolled his daughter into a new “home” day care, he loved that day care. He saw this as good. That day care was closed down a year later. He saw this as bad. He put his daughter in yet another day care, and she graduated into kintergarten. The man say this as good. She got into the new school, but there was a really nasty little boy who picked on the girl. The man saw this school as bad. The school also had 2 other kids, the kids of the “home” day care lady. The man didn’t have a feeling about this.


Good and bad are judgements of a situation. A situation is good and bad dependent on how you see it.

A bit of the back story on this little tale (but this wasn’t found out till almost a decade or longer later).

1. The first day care was closed down because of sanitary and conduct reasons. It was listed as a great daycare at the time, but the litigations hadn’t been prosecuted yet.

2. The home day care was run by a lady that would eventually become the man’s wife.

3. If the home day care wasn’t closed down, the man would never have met the woman again.

4. The little boy turned into a very giving gentleman because of the teachings he learned from the little girl and the man.


isWe judge situations as good and bad dependent on how it affects our life. This is a very selfish way of thinking. This way of thinking is created out of the “me” mentality that we often see in our world.

Let’s take this another way:

Let’s say a boy was born and not given a name. The birth certificate would have to be filled out…it’s a requirement of the law. (Why?  Because we as a human culture need things to be named and described otherwise it can not be identified and thereby judged.) But let’s say we circumvent the law and this boy has no name.

What would people call him?





Who knows. It’s would be whatever the people who came upon him would call him. However, no matter what people decided to call him, it would be wrong. Because the boy has no name, therefore he has no label to be called.

Would this nameless boy be a real person…even though nobody would have a name for him?  Would he exist?  Of course he would, we just couldn’t label him as anything. He would just be a boy…no name, no label.

This is the same as all situations. All situations exist in time and space. There is no denying their existence. However, we feel the need to label them as “good”, “bad”, “fun”, “neat”, etc. All labels are based on perspective, your life situation, and how you perceive the future given this moment in time. In reality:

is1Since every moment, just is!  Couldn’t we see the positive in every moment? Couldn’t we see how every moment has the opportunity to make us smile.

See the positive and the happiness in every moment…it’s there, just as the opposite is there. When we see a situation unfold, see it as positive…no matter what it is. WE have been taught to see things in a negative connotation so much, that is our go to answer. The beautiful thing about the brain…we can change that!

So lets start changing this view point.

Let’s start creating positive Change!



Is your city on this list?

11 cities

11 cities commit to divest from Fossil Fuels.

Those cities are:

Madison, Wisconsin

San Fransisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Boulder, CO

Berkley, CA

Ithaca, NY

Bayfield, WI

State College, PA

Richmond, Ca

Eugene, OR

Santa Fe, NM

Is you city on the list?

If not, go to 350.0rg to find out how you can start a campaign to get your city on this list!

What is divesting from fossil fuels?

It’s the opposite of investing in fossil fuels. These cities no longer put any focus on fossil fuels at all. They are eliminating plastic bags, they are creating a full recycling program. They are encouraging their citizens to use more public transportation. Actually, many of these cities have gone to completely electric public transportation. The electricity comes from non-fossil fuel sources. They are working towards a completely green environment. And this si jsut the beginning!

You and your city could be part of this….let’s do this now!

April 22, 2013 – Earthday thoughts and inspiration

Happy Earth Day!!!

In the last few days I have cleaned up the beach, cleaned up the road we adopted, increased recycling in my house by 1/2 (pretty good considering there are 3 kids two of which are pre-teens), and wrote a blog about the importance of thrift shops.

This is my tiny little way to contribute to Earth Day 2013…and then I try to speak up and speak out. After this post I plan to post and repost as many Earth Day things on every social network I can. The more we repost and get the idea out there, the more people will do!

Many believe as I do that Earth Day 2013 should be every day of 2013.  I mean it’s our home, it’s the place we live, it’s all we have to live on.

No Earth=No Humans=No US!!

I watch,read, write about, and repost e-mails from 350.org all the time. This is an organization that is doing something to change the current situation into an opportunity for us to regrow and help our earth. If we all stopped doing so many of the things we do on a daily basis, and then increased recycling and lessened carbon pollution..we could do amazing things.

I don’t do these things with 350.org because it’s a way to get my name out there, it’s something fun to do, or I’m bored….It’s because it’s the right thing to do and we all need to be stepping up to the plate and doing something about the state our earth is in.

This is not my planet…this is my kids and grandkids planet. I am just helping it out till they take it over, just like our parents helped it out till we took it over. The Earth is the greatest inheritance we can pass on or receive.

It truly all came to a very big realization why I need to do all of these things a few months ago when I was watching a well dressed gentleman talk about bringing democracy to his country. A documentery was made about him, but it also pointed out another problem he is having with his country. His country is disappearing at an alarming rate – 10/feet per year. If this happened to my state of Florida…the beach would be gone in 3 years, the gulf would take over the “beach front” hotels in 4, and when my daughters graduate in 6 years, the intercoastal and the gulf would almost be the same water.  This man is the president of The Maldives, and this is happening right now.  The current data is saying that this process is increasing, and he is looking for ways to save his people and their livelihood.

Wait…why aren’t we all doing this?  Because it’s not affecting us right now?

When i was a kid of about 5-7 years old, I wanted to live on a little speck of land at the bottom of the Bahama chain of islands. I had researched it, got books about it, drew myself there…it was “the plan”. Life happened and I grew up, but the little island was always a dream in the back of my head. About a year ago, I came across something I wrote about that little island…IT’S GONE!

Covered by the ocean!!!  Covered!

This is reality, and I know many people who are dealing with this right now!

Our planet is bombarded with so many pollutants and garbage so that humanity can gain another foothold into the race of existence and prosperity all under the guise of “success”. We have to re-evaluate!

More and more oil destroying land, ecosystems, animals , and irreversibly destroying the planet in numerous ways (50 oil spills in 30 days totaling 1 billion gallons of oil all over the world)   all to propel archaic gas powered vehicles and to make plastics that make our lives more lazy.

Sand…it makes glass. I don’t need my stuff in plastic, sand can be used and then I’ll wash the glass out. Imagine how much plastic is produced…and it’s all destroying our planet.

Think about this on today..Earth Day 2013…and do somethign to change these atrocities!

Remember – you don’t have to think about or do anything about climate change, but it IS happening and it IS affecting you.





Happiness is a choice Video

Let’s be happy!!!

Let’s be happy and choose to be happy.

Can you choose to be happy…of course you can!

Let’s all Help “All For The Animals”

There are people out there that decide they are going to pursue their passion no matter what the cost. When they succeed, we write newspaper articles about them, magazine articles about them, and they become part of a “rags to riches story” that we eat up and live for.  We love to hear these stories about the millionaires, the musican, and the successful business people that came from n0thing and then made it to great heights.  At the end of the story of how they achieved all they did, we tear up and smile knowing that this is really possible in our world.

For that one moment, we see the world as better than the constant onslaught of negativity that is increasingly become part of our world.

When a person goes out to pursue their passion, and it isn’t about them at all…unfortunately we usually don’t hear about them. We usually only hear about them if our local news or some small local paper has caught wind of it, and they do a small story on them. But the success is even larger for these people than the successful business person or actor or musician above, these special ones are speaking and acting for others. Their work is creating a ripple affect of happiness, joy, and help that is felt by everyone who hears from them or sees them or is part of their life in any way.

What if you could be part of someone’s story?  That is the oportunioty we all have every day…to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and their success. Right now…You can.

Allow me to introduce you a Nonprofit called All For The Animals.

 This company was started for one reason and one reason only….The Animals.

There are so many animals that are kicked out of homes, dropped into the wild, decided that they aren’t part of the family anymore, or simply discarded and forgotten. There are so many animals, especially the litters of unfixed dogs and cats, that need help and a place to live. It’s not their fault that their “person” doesn’t have enough money to take care of their brothers and sisters. It’s not their fault that their “person” didn’t think ahead and they get tossed out to fend for themselves. Many times these animals are picked up by animal Control, and if the poor animals are deemed “dangerous”, “sick”, or are in the facility too long…they are killed! This is wrong! There are so many ways that animals become “person-less”…but they don’t have to be just thrown to the wolves (pun intended…because that’s a very real situation for many of these animals) or killed by people who see them as a problem rather than a real living breathing earthling.

The Director of All for the Animals Lauren Bertke and her husband decided that enough was enough!  They would not watch animals be killed in places that were suppose to help or left to die in the wild.

  1. All of these animals deserve the right to live.
  2. All of these animals deserve to be placed in a happy loving home.
  3. All of these animals deserve a shot at life.
  4. These animals did not ask to be brought into this world, they only ask that they are able to live!


Lauren Bertke and her husband are one of those people that have gone out and pursued their passion regardless of the risks. They have created All For The Animals to help give the animals a voice and a home. But what about the bills? But what about the upkeep?  All For The Animals is a nonprofit that lives only on the donations, the vollunters, grants (if you can get one), and the help from people like you.

So, what can you do?

Right now, anything that you can do is appreciated!

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!  To foster and take care of ALL of these animals they need ways to feed, water, clean up, and take care of ALL of the pets, and the ability to get more.

So what do they need:

  •  dog food
  • cat food
  • kitty litter
  • dog crates
  • newspapers
  • bedding
  • general donations.

You can go to their website and donate or buy a think of food or litter for them.

This is not only your change to help someone achieve their dreams of helping aniamls, but you also help hundreds and thousands of animals. When you help people, it’s amazing. When you help animals, you are helping part of the earth and mother nature. When you help them both…you are doing something amazing!

Thank you for helping All For The Animals…they deserve it, and I can’t wait to be part of their “Rags to Riches Story.”

Please let me know what you donate!


Just spoke to Inspire Teens to end Domestic Violence

On April 6, I was asked by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence to close out their teen summit.

What’s a teen summit?  FCADV, in a effort to educate and incorporate teens in preventing domestic violence, puts on an annual conference to educate, inspire, and motivate the teens in attendance to go out and work on preventing domestic violence.

These teens have taken the innititiate to decide to end domestic violence once and for all. Many people question what a group of teens can truly do?  The answer is amazing!

Groups of teens have put on carnivals, youtube videos and PSA’s with thousands of visits, websites for teens, and plays all over the country speaking to everyone about what a healthy relationship is and why we need to end DV.

In fact multiple student lead Anti Domestic Violence clubs and organizations have been created and reached national attention with congress and the senate.

The Teen movement is not one to be swept underneath the rug, and if you are about to,…all you have to do is do a youtube or google search about teens preventing domestic violence and you will see a whole new view of what Teens are doing….and you will wonder why adults aren’t doing more.

My goal was to inspire them. My goal was to motivate them. My goal was to make them want to do something to change domestic violence right now!

This is my speech. I share it so that maybe it will inspire you, or someone you send it to…to do something to End Domestic Violence!

“You, everyone in this room below the age of 20. You did not create this problem that we now call Intimate Partner Violence or Domestic Violence. You did not create this. You did not develop or continue it. This is not your problem. This is a problem you inherited. But you know something, everyone in this room above the age of 20..they didn’t create this problem either. They didn’t ask for, they didn’t perpetuate it, and they didn’t want it for you. This problem of domestic abuse was inherited from their parents, and their parents, and their parents. This is a very old problem that needs to be eradicated. This is a problem that has become normalized.

“This problem is so normalized that when some hears that you are part of a domestic violence relationship they say “oh yeah.” Because they not only know what that means. They’ve seen it before. They’ve heard about it before.  They’ve seen the PSAs. They’ve seen it on TV, movies, radio, songs, poems, viral videos, reality tv, and youtube. It’s been there and it always has been part of their lives. It’s so normalized that we accept it exists, we accept it’s happening, and we accept that it’s a normal part of our existence.

“There have been so many times that I have been in front of groups of adults and teens alike, and I say that we can end this and they respond: No We can’t. It’s been here, and it always will. It’s just “the way it is”, it’s “the way we are”, “it’s the normal way of things”. I’ve heard this blamed on drugs and anger as well as race, hereditary, and religion.

“But never once do people say “maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to end it. Maybe it’s not “just the way it is”. But we, right here, know there is a way to end it and stop the abuse altogether. We know abuse is taught. We know abuse is learned. We know there is a way to end this abuse…even though it’s so normalized now.

“Prevention is possible! Once flying was impossible. Once radios were impossible. Once TV was impossible. Once the 5 minute mile was impossible. Once computers were impossible. In fact, in 1901, the head of the patent office said “everything that there will never be any new inventions from this point on.”

“Once tobacco cessation was thought impossible. Once electric cars and solar panels were considered impossible. At one point it was considered normal and “just the way it is” when hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from their homeland and massacred by the millions because they were in the way.

“At one point our society and our reality had racial lines and lines that divided the different skin colors. Different nationalities, country-persons, and nationalities were not seen to exist in the same world. Once racial equality was sen as impossible.  And someone stood up and said, maybe just maybe we have the opportunity to end that. Maybe just maybe we have the ability to change this. Maybe we can change what so many people see as normal.

“Remember, this movement didn’t come about because of money, agencies, coalitions, or technology. This movement is not fighting to cure a disease or feed anyone….No. This movement was created by a group of people who believed that hurting anyone, especially the person you say you love is wrong. This movement was started by men and women who merely wanted husbands to stop hurting their loving mates. They simply wanted the violence to stop! We have inherited this movement and this cause from the great men and women who simply asked for everyone to see the violence against women as a reality that needed to stop. As Sir Isacc Newton said, I did not do this. I was merely able to do this,  by standing on the shoulders of giants. And my friends, that is exactly where we are. Look around at the older people in the room, they have lead us to this point. They have wielded their belief that there should only be respectful relationships free of power and control, and they have spread this message worldwide.  But remember, this movement was not formed to protect women, or men, or couples – No! This movement was created to protect all people from being abused and killed. Stop people from being verbally and mentally abused. Stop people from being sexually and physically abused. To stop people from being hurt and killed.

“But how?  How do we stop this. It’s such a simple answer to end all of this. It’s not like we’re looking for the exact right chemical that will attack a disease in just the right way to destroy it. It’s not like we are cre4ating life…thank you ladies in the room,  I for one am awed by the fact that you can do this! No…we are simply asking people to not hurt the one they love. All we have to do is stop people from hurting others. All we have to do is stop people from hurting the people they love. How simple it sounds. Btu now, let’s here from those who will inherit our planet and this problem.

“Young ladies and young gentlemen, what are your ideas given no budgets, given no restrictions…what can we do?


“Lets start teaching. Teaching every person from 1 to 101. We teach every person we can, and every person we can get in front of. We teach them what a healthy relationship looks like, feels like, and acts like. We talk about healthy relationships, we talk about gender equality, and we talk about how being a man is being respectful to women. Then we reteach the adults again and again…it takes longer for them to learn. We spread it in the newspaper, we spread it in the movies, the you tube videos,…add ideas they came up with, we blog about it, we tweet about it, we tumble about it, we kik about it, we instagram about it, we use every resource we have to make sure every person understands it. We make sure that healthy relationships are on every single persons tongue…then you know what happens: We succeed. We create a world where abuse is seen as foreign as the “N” word is, as foreign as the thought that “nazism is a good idea”.

“Today, we look back and see what our ancestors did to the races of color and the Native Americans and we can’t help but hold our head low because of these memories. But somebody did stand up. Somebody did end these atrocities, so that we CAN look back and shake our heads in disbelief.

“Want to hear something even cooler. You!  You are happening. Everything I just said is already starting to happen. Isn’t that awesome? People ages 9,10,11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 are already starting to do amazing things. Look at the ideas we just heard. The amazing great and incredible ideas we just heard? There are people who are in this room right now! That’s what’s so cool. We don’t have to wait till we become adults to create positive change…you’re doing it right now. We can do this right now! That is te beginning. You are creating that beginning. But you can’t stop! You must continue! After this conference, after this day, after you’re in your own school…you have to keep the momentum going. You can keep this up

“Now is that time. Now is the time to decide enough is enough. Now is the time to say, yes we can do something. Now is the time to say it is a time for change. Now is the time to say say we have a solution to ending IPV. Now is the time we change the world of our great grand kinds. Now is that critical turning point in history. Now is that moment. The moment where we change what’s normal. Now, is the moment we change what has been accepted for so long as normal. Now is the time we recreate what is seen as a “normal relationship” into what a “healthy relationship” truly is!

“Now is the time to decide we are the agents of change. We are the ones that will create a solution when the others couldn’t. We are the ones that will develop new ideas, develop better ways of getting into people’s heads, and WE are the ones that will see the end of this plague. The actions that we do,today, will reinvent the world and end this problem that has plagued our society for so long. Remember if someone doesn’t believe that this will change, it is your job to change their mind and show everyone that abuse can and will be a thing of the past.  We are the future, we are the answer. Now is the time to stand up and join me….stand up….join me up here.

“We are the agents of change and we are the ones that will change this world. Who are we? Who are we?

“Yes, we are the ones that will end this abused and change the status quo!

“We are the ones that will end this abuse NOW!”

As much as I can…I will post my speeches so people can read the speech that was heard by hundreds…and maybe, just maybe it will inspire and motivate them to do something.