Doing things to help others?


I suggested to a group of people that we all have the ability to do something to help others and they said:

Yeah, well maybe you do, but we`re not like you.

What?  Really?

We choose who we are. We choose who we decide to be. We choose whether or not we’re going to have a good day or a bad day. We choose to be happy, and we choose to be sad. Our choices define who we are at any given moment.

I wake up everyday and say the same thing: It’s going to be a good day.

I wake up everyday and say…I’m going to do something to help others.

I wake up everyday and say…I’m going to be happy.

What’s the alternative?  What’s the other way of being?

Why would you want that?

helpStand up today and say in a big booming voice: I will be happy and help someone today.

Then go out and do just that. It’s amazing how many people you can help on any given day, and it feel so so so good.

However, one of the main reason why people don’t go out and do something good for people…they’re too busy.

Let’s see how this sounds:

Too busy to help an old man across the street.

Too busy to open a door for someone.

Too busy to check and make sure someone is ok on the side of the road.

Too busy to give every person you meet a small compliment. Whether it be about their hair, their clothes, anything…it’s a gift to so many.

Too busy to spend a dollar on a fundraiser.

Too busy to give someone the change the needed.

Too busy to pull out the chair for someone.

help3Too busy to pick up the phone you’re practically connected to…to call someone and say hi. That might be the most joyous part of their life.

Too busy to say a little prayer for someone.

Too busy to bring someone’s trash can to their home from the curb.

Too busy to offer your lonely neighbor some of the food you just cooked your family.

Too busy to put a few positive things on facebook.

Are you really that busy?

Adopting a road to inspire and create positive change

Me and Motivating For Positive Change’s road!

As you know…or may not, if this is the first post you’re reading…my name is Chad Herman and I motivate people to change the world. I speak nationwide about a number of causes and ways that we all have the ability to change the world.

Me and my helpers (my two daughters) getting ready to clean our mile!

So I was thinking of ways to suggest people could help their community and inspire others to “copy cat” whatever idea other people had. As I was pondering this I found an “Adopt a road” program. Now where I’m from, which is in Pinellas County, Florida, USA…we have a program called “Keep Pinellas Beautiful.“.

I called the number, visited the web site, and went in and signed a contract. The contract requires an adoptee to clean the “mile” once every quarter or roughly every 3 months. What a cool and awesome idea to go out there and inspire positive change, and inspire other to do the same.

Imagine…I know, I start with this phrase a lot but this is the way I think…Imagine that 100 people read this (It’s very possible since I know have a number of followers…thank you for following me) and only 10 people actually do it. That means 10 miles of roads will be adopted and cleaned. We are recycling and recreating the way our own community and neighborhoods are looking and being kept. Not only that, the more you work on a part of your

Cleaning up the mile for Motivating For Positive Change

world, the more you care, the more you care the less you will want to hurt and destroy it.

Now, let’s think big and monumental with this. Boys and girls clubs/rec centers/YMCA’s…places where the future of our world hang out and are forced to be in after school and before school programs. What a great thing to do. What a  great way for them to have a stake in their community. That’s not just a road anymore..that’s a stretch of road I know every inch of. I know how nasty the smokers are who toss their butts onto my road. I know how disrespectful people are when they toss their gum, and half drank ice tea bottles. I know the rude and unlawful drivers who drive by and hurt MY road. Suddenly they see this as part of their life, and they care about their world again. Many of these kids…this is the first time they cared about anything.  That’s how just adopting a road (for free!!!!) can change people’s lives. Even yours.

In the end, we picked up 58 pounds of trash! All of it was recycled…Yay! Motivating For Positive Change…changing the world 1 road at a time, 1lb of trash at a time.

Then there’s the team at work who do nothing, but they can adopt a road and suddenly they ARE a TEAM. They care about something again besides their hate for being at a job. The job is getting free advertising, and they are responsible for more than just a job…now they are responsible for a road, and not just any road..THEIR road. Now they are working like a team, because they are doing something together that means something.

Adopting a road is not just picking up trash, it’s creating a change in people, in your community, and your life!

When you adopt a road, you motivate all people for positive change. That’s exactly why Motivating For Positive Change now has a road!

Stay tune for the picture with the name on it….they don’t put that on till you do your 1st clean up.

In the end Autumn Herman, E.V Jones(my awesome daughter and eager Vollunteers), and Chad Herman spoke to about 100 people, thanked and complimented another 30, and picked up 58 pounds of reccylable trash!

The tired volunteers




Look at your family tree.

We all have families that have secrets…diseases especially.

Your family is no doubt plagued with disease. They all are. That’s why the first thing the doctor asks is a complete family history. You’ve seen the sheets and sheets of paperwork you have to answer telling if there was someone in your immediate and not so immediate family who had disease a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, I, j, k, l, m,n,o,etc etc and you have no idea what they are, let alone whether a family member had it.

But with a few phone calls and a few inquisitive questions…you’d be surprised what lurks in your family history. However, once you know – everything changes. There are even some disease that early detection can change the diagnosis from preventable to death.  You could be the person who educates everyone in your family! What a great opportunity!

You now have a cause that is directly affecting your world. Directly affecting you…if the dna and chromosomes are in the right(or wrong…depending on how you look at it) shape and direction. This is something directly affecting your family. Directly affecting everyone else that has, could have, and will have these diseases.

What to do:

  1.    Make the calls, and find out.
  2.    Start calling the family tree and letting them know.
  3. Become part of the causes website, facebook, etc.
  4. Read all about it and know the way to prevent it.
  5. Become a champion for your cause.
  6. If there isn’t on yet, set up the organization to end this disease. (The Susan Kolmen foundation started somewhere)
  7. Create a nonprofit (if it hasn’t been created already…you’d be surprised on how many diseases don’t have people helping find a cure or working toward prevention) and you could get paid.

What diseases that you know of are hereditary?

End Violence…here’s how

I went to speak at a middle school and I watched people pushing each other, yelling at each other, and even punching each other. It was like a crazy free for all of violence.

The teachers settled them down and I was introduced.

I walked out and faced the crowd and the violence still existed. I am began speaking and the violence was there. It was ridiculous.

So I decided to change the speech I was going to give. I was suppose to motivate them to do good in school, but how does someone do good in school when they are either in fear, or wrapped up in games of yelling and hitting?

I told this story(by the way…yes this is true): A person walked up to me and began yelling. The person was so close to me and so far in my face that spit was hitting from their yelling.

I stopped the story and asked people to raise their hands to tell me a nonviolent way to stop or diffuse this situation. I took answers for about 20 minutes. The sad part was…only 1/8 of the people I took answers from had an ability to explain how to deal with the situation. Most people told me they didn’t know, but they did have a violent way of ending it.

Of course, everyone has a violent way of ending things, but what about the nonviolent options?  There are tons of ways to end this type of situation:

1.step back

2. Explain you would like not to be yelled at.

3. (Check yourself…someone is yelling at you, do not react to the negativity.)

4.Speak tot he person with “I messages”. I’m feeling attacked right now.

All violence and abuse stems from the inability to accept and understand and the use of power and control to get what you want..

UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT…This person is upset. This is the only way they know how to express themselves when they are frustrated. Its amazing how many people were never taught to deal with their anger or just act out how their parents dealt with their anger.

Understand that they are doing the best they can.

Understand that they are merely acting out what they know.

Understand that they are asking to be educated.

Understand it’s not you, it’s them.

(Remember…we always have the ability to control ourselves, but we never have the ability to control others.)

Accept that they are angry.

Accept that you are probably not the reason they are angry (even though they perceive it that way).

Accept that they are doing the best they can.

Accept that you can change this situation.

Accept that you will not be angry….someone yelling at you is not a reason for anger or violence(No matter what you’ve been taught)

Once you have understood them and accepted them as a human who is angry and is merely lashing out as a learned action or a learned coping mechanism, now you can deal with this situation.

1. Speak calmly.

2. Ask them wehat they are trying to accomplish by yelling.

3. Ask them if they believe (martin Luther King/Gandhi) was a good person. (This will set them off base and answer honestly. If they say yes, explain that they believed in nonviolence and they are currently going against their beliefs. This really does work. This is how I calmed the person yelling at me)

4. Ask how you can help resolve the situation.

5 (If you can’t resolve it) Ask the people if they feel better after yelling, and explain you will be happy to help them out.

6. Offer to help!

Creating nonviolence is the process of reweaving the fabric of our culture.

Nonviolence is a way of life, a way of speaking and a way of living. Nonviolence is not the absence of violence, it is the increase of acceptance and understanding!



Become part of the cause

There are so many causes in this world to be able to become a part of. As I stated, I’m going to work to give everyone reading this blog…and those new to the blog, causes and ideas of what you can do to work toward positive change.

The title of this blog and the title of my business is motivating for positive change…it’s not a coincidence that I’m giving you ideas and causes to work towards changing.

Every causes on this blog, and every cause I’ve spoken about (for those of you who have heard me speak) is a small thing you can be part of, work with, and help change the way things are seen and done. Every time you show someone, talk about, or do something to improve the way of life of a living organism; be it animal, human, or the rest of the living world…you are enacting positive change.

And as I end every speech:   Now…go change the world!

Watch for the causes….coming soon!!!

May we all see the change we wish to see in our lifetime!

Happy Autumn!!

Happy Autumn! (I know I’m 9 days late)

Autumn has always been celebrated as the season of change. The season when things begin to move from one state to another state. The air becomes cooler (for the most part). The ground is ready to give up its bounty, and thereby becomes less fertile. All of the animals are getting ready for the long freeze…or lack of food that is coming. We celebrate old rituals of begging for food and scarring away evil spirits (one upon a time they were call “change spirits” or “spirits of change”) and the celebration of the bounty of the harvest.

This time of year also comes around and reminds us that change exists, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We watch the sugar drip out of the leaves and they turn color. We watch leaves fall to the ground, full well knowing they are not dying but rather just changing into another form.  Let’s take a moment to look at leaves…

The leaves grow onto the trees. They give us life giving air and beauty all around. They give us wood and homes for many many birds. The leaves are also food for many animals, including humans (depending on the leaf that is.) Then the sugar4 by products from the tree and the chloroform production races down the veins of the leaf and we get beautiful oranges and reds. The leaf finally becomes too heavy and it falls to the ground. Then the leaves get trampled on and the decomposers go to work turning the leaves into fertile soil. The soil is sucked up by the trees and all the seeds around it…giving life and purpose to multiple different organisms. After that, the tree wakes up from its sleep, and because of all the life giving nutrients from the soil, it grows leaves again…and the cycle continues.

This is the cycle of change. How beautiful!!!! To think, people are afraid of this.

With this thought in mind….let us celebrate the season of change with creating some much needed change in our world, our community, and our lives.

Think of this as a call to all people to work on creating some positive change.

Autumn runs from Sep 22 to Dec 20, how many items and ways can we change our world and help other people out…my guess is billions.  I’m going to write a blog post a day (I hope I can do this…wish me luck) showing a way you can participate in being an agent of change and helping bring on a positive change.

Now, I have missed a few days so far…sorry. But let’s start today. Today’s post  will be the 1st post.  Here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to tell me if you do something, use an idea, or come up with a better one (that would be cool). Then I’ll showcase the change you created on this page as well as throughout my speeches I give.

I know we can all create positive change….so let’s start motivating for positive change by being the change we want to see in the world.

Have fun and I’m looking forward to the comments.

Quotes by Chad Herman

Here are a couple jewls of my own….

Quotes that I haven’t been able to turn into anything…but just these!

Enjoy them!


To help us bring benefit to others through our words and actions, it is useful to cultivate an attitude of sympathetic joy in others’ achievements and good fortune. This attitude is a powerful antidote against envy, which is not only a source of unnecessary suffering on the individual level but also an obstacle to our ability to reach out and engage with others.

Have you checked to acknowledge yourself today? To look into your heart and say ‘i love you’ regardless of what anyones else says. Don’t believe the voice in your head, don’t believe the TV, don’t believe all the advertising, don’t believe all the gossip on the train – just believe your own heart. You are fantastic just the way you are.

Stop watching the news! This is the problem! If all we see is that the world is yucky and sucks….then that’s all we’ll ever believe. There are a lot of people doing great things to help people out there. Like if you agree!

Motivating for Positive Change merchandise coming



That’s right….Motivating for positive change merchandise is coming.

Why would you do that…you ask.

Because it is another way to bring motivating for positive change to everyone. Motivating for positive change is a ideal, philosophy, theory, inspired message that needs to be taken to every corner of the earth. Everyone needs to hear the message…we are motivating for positive change.

As soon as the merchandise is available….I’ll post it on this blog!

Look for it…..

What do you think the quotes, the name, and the inspirational thoughts should be on…please let me know.


We are everyone…celebrate it all!

All people are dicks!

All people are bitches!

All people are idiots.

It all depends on when you encounter them…but none of us can ever say we haven’t been one.

We can only say we don’t like it when others are.

I believe if we said we are happy to see how many people are in our lives, and who wanted to be deeply and interconnected in our world…we would see the world as a happier place.

Interesting enough….we are more interconnected now than ever.

1. Airplane ride away from everyone within the day.

2. Skype…Need I say more. (For those old enough to remember…it’s like living in the Jetsons…how cool.)

3. Internet/Facebook – There was a project on internet and it found that everyone is only 3-6 friends away from everyone else on facebook and that’s a few billion.

4. Blogs…everyone’s reading everyone else.

5. Most of the people you pass on the street are more interested in you and your thoughts than you realize. (Something an author friend of mine told me. He was on the New York times bestsellers list for putting down his thoughts.)

Enjoy that all these people are so connected to you and you are connected to them.

Surround yourself with happiness and positivty

Celebrate the happiness that abounds.

Celebrate the things that are awesome.

Encircle yourself with positiveness and happiness no matter where you go and everything you do.

So where do you spend most of your time?

Office – Put posters, pictures, and sayings of positivity and happiness all around you. Then, start giving others positive quotes and pictures around you. Make up a reason for giving it to them – happy Friday, happy Monday, happy October 1st, happy I want to give this to you day. Then, suddenly, it spreads. Imagine walking into an office that had happiness and inspiration all around….what a great place that would be to work at. But…what if you’re at one of those offices that won’t let you do this, or hang anything on the wall…god forbid we do anything like that. Well, do it in secret. Line a drawer that you can open up in the middle of the day. Still give these things to others, but they’ll have to hide it to. Then everyone should get together and suggest it to the boss Maybe, just maybe it will change the bosses idea, and they can buck the system and change the place into a lot happier place!  Go do it and create some happiness!

Facebook…..Well, here’s my idea. I have decided to clog up my facebook page with every inspirational page come across. The more I like, friend, and become part of….the more great and amazing things appear on my wall.

Imagine it…you log onto facebook, or you’re one of the lucky ones that can just simply get updates on your phone (I’m not there yet..sorry.) and suddenly you’re greeted with tons of positive sentiments. You’re greeted with inspirational quotes. You’re greeted with awesomeness like never before. Everytime you get a facebook update, you see a quote that can put you in a spiral of uplifting happiness…spiral away.

here’s a quick example of what I got when I logged onto facebook this evening…

With all the things you have in this world…SMILE!

Holding a grudge is allowing someone to live rent free in your head.

Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow!

Be happy. 🙂

Beautiful things happen when you let all the negativity go away!


You know, I share a lot of it, but there is so much. Please feel free to look at the places and people I have liked and that scroll through my feed….it is amazing, and I hope you can share in the light.

Here is my facebook link…like me, friend me, and repost all the positivity that flows from this facebook page.