See Jane become more visible

When I was a kid I watched a TV show called The Fall Guy. This was a classic 70’s tv show where the main character was a stunt man. the opening credits showed him doing all sorts of stunts and amazing things. This opening scene, and the parts of the show I paid attention to (I was 5 and 6 what do you want) shaped my future life for many years.

This show defined who I was and what I thought I could do. Suddenly, impossible was a word for others…because everything was possible. If a stuntman could jump off a 5 story building and walk away (even with a broken leg or so), i knew I could do it…because I SAW that i could do it.

also in the 70’s was a show called The Greatest American Hero where a normal person became a superhero. I read comics of superman and spider man…..all telling me I could be a superhero or anybody i want to.

I’ve instilled this idea into my daughters (both 11) and they have taken hold pretty well…but…yes but….there are odd ideas that have spread into their thinking. Suddenly, instead of telling them that they can do ANYTHING and that impossible is a cuss word in our house…I’ve watched two girls go from being anything they want to, to being a partner to something great!


So I sat them down and asked them where the World famous lead Dolphin Trainer and the Owner and operator of the Art and Design studio went.

They explained that they still wanted to do that, but they would need help from a…..wait for it……a partner who was a…..can you guess?  A man?   (I almost fell out of my chair. I never taught them they “needed” anyone. Especially a man. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not an anti-male person for my daughters. I know very well that boyfriends and husbands and all of that stuff is coming and will be part of their life, but it does not need to define them and they definitely aren’t in “NEED” of a boy to achieve what they want.  Where did they get this idea?

The shows they watch. That’s why a new organization is trying to correct that.

See a person is who they see they can be.  Let me say that a different way: You know you can be something, if you see someone doing it…especially someone of your color or gender.

Seejane has decided to take this on and reinvent children media so that girls see that they can become women who are not accessories, but leaders!

This video explains this quite well:

So join Genna Davis and work towards seeing true gender equality in the media. Seeing that nothing was impossible when I was a kid, made me the person who I am today. We need to have women saying the same thing…and right now, they don’t have a lot of role models that fit that.




Men’s pledge to not commit violence

This another post from the group.

This is a great site to watch.

Men’s pledge to not commit violence.

The post is all about how men need to stand up.

Men…we are the leaders of the future.

Men…boys look up to us and do everything we do.  There’s a cute commercial where the son is watching dad and he does everything dad does.  He plops down on the couch, he puts his feet up on the coffee table, he puts his hands in his pants, and he drinks a soda….all at the same time as dad.


If you are a man reading this…this is the power you have.

You are the leader, you are the one that the boys are watching. What you stand for, how you see things, and the things you do will be followed to the T.

So men…pick something to stand for and stand up for it.

Stand up for no more violence.

Stand up for no more abuse towards women.

Stand up for the green movement

Stand up and do something about the problems of the world…and the boys who follow you will too!

Men and the country asking everyone to stop the abuse


Our president….our VP…..and so many others all asking every man in the world to stop the abuse.

Stop the violence toward women.

Stop the violence period.

Let’s join them to end this violence!

This is what a real woman looks like

What does a real woman look like?

Yes, you may say there are women all over the world…that’s what they look like.

On the contrary….

At any moment 1/2 of the woman of the United States hate their body and are on a diet of some sort.

At any moment most of the women in the United States are working out not because they want their body to be tone, not because they like what they’re doing, but instead to make someone or some image in their head like them better.

Whenever a woman looks in a magazine they see a false woman looking at them. The people who have not been educated about photshop, picture retouching, and the other various techniques used to change a photo into the photo in the magazine, will look at that photo and believe that’s really what that woman looks like.

According to an ad agency rep….”Only 1/1000 of all the photos you see in the magazines and TV today are undoctored.  Really?  How sad is that.

We need to do everything we can to show the girls – the little ones who haven’t started hating their bodies yet because of the media onslaught – that they are beautiful, no matter what their genes have said their bodies look like.

So a group of students in response to their college classes decided to make a video about what a real woman looks like. Make sure to read the description of the video before viewing it.

feminism and nonviolence

These are MY two passions.

Yes, I can’t be a feminist because I’m a guy.  What you say…of course you can. In my opinion, a man can not truly understand the centuries of oppression that women have been subjected to and that are felt by women from the day they are born. I can say i am pro-feminist, and I speak out and strive for gender equality and the end to all forms of abuse towards women….but I can only sudeo relate because of my own gender.

Because of this – I am a guest blogger for the blog: OPT4.  This is a blog about gender equality and all the ways we can strive for the prevention of domestic violence and all the terms that go with it.

I’m also a big proponent of violence prevention, abuse prevention, and prevention of all violence that enters our mind and ears and eyes.

Suddenly, upon finding a new blog I found that my nonviolence side of me was in love. A whole blog dedicated to nonviolence and ways we can help spread the beauty of nonviolence.

Then in the midst of this a woman by the name of Stephanie VanHook wrote a riveting peace on feminism and nonviolence.  Wow!   There are so many women out there, my daughters included thought they are only 11, that are so upset about the way women are depicted and treated. They just don’t understand why these things are allowed to be done to the side of the human race that gives life to the world.  To give you an example of how bad it truly is check out this small post  They become outraged. They become angry. they want to fight back. They want to give back what they feel is being given to them….and I don’t blame them.

However, violence is never the solution and never the way.

As Stephanie’s blog shows…we can win the gender equality war through nonviolence, peace, and understanding that we can change the world!



Women helping women

In a new turn of events….many of the women in Lebanon, Dubail, and int he city of Arbil are standing up against the patriarchy that is trying to over power them.

Many of the modern taxis refuse to pick up women….a new comment on the war on women, but it is not new for this region.

So…women such as Lana Khoshabaan has recently started an all-women taxi firm.This is not only helping women get from one place to another, but also protecting women from verbal, sexual, and physical assaults by taxi drivers and men in general.

This is yet another example of people who have seen problems and situations in their day to day life that can be corrected. That can be reinvented. Indecencies that have the ability to not only be overcome, but changed.

Not only have they become business owners, they have also become role models. They are showing the women of their cities and towns that there is more that women can do than lay down tot eh abusive patriarchy. What a great lesson for all girls and women to hear!

These women are changing the world for the positive…

What could you do right now to change your world…no matter how small?

Slut Walk

Slut walk….a protest to tell everyone that what a woman wears says nothing about her want or not want of sex. How a woman dresses definetly does not mean that anyone can treat her any different.

When a women wears clothes, they are worn that way because she feels good about herself in those clothes.

We do so many horrible things to women’s self esteem and their body image, I’m amazed anyone wears more than a burka.

Here are a few pictures to show what we tell women:


From the cover of a woman’s magazine…You must have flat abs. Otherwise…you’re not beautiful. What a horrible message.


Another women’s mag cover – You must conform to our beauty standard – leaner and taller. You must transform your body to make sure we like it.

So join a slut walk, or stand up for the right of women everywhere to wear whatever they want and not be judged or raped because of it.