Wwriting the fiction I love to write.

I’m working hard on the writing. I’ve been in a writing funk for a while.

See, I used to write fiction nonstop, then suddenly it all stopped. The stories stopped coming. To date I have multiple short stories published in various literary journals and such, but getting them in the journals is the easy part. Then I began focusing on getting paid. The name of the” pay” game is 1) Write what other people want you to write like trade journals, journalism, or copy for.advertisements. 2) Publish your own stuff, market your own stuff, sell your own stuff. 3) (by far takes the longest) write a novel and shop it to publishers. Sadly, the creative juices dried up. Then I started writing for blogs,mine and others,  and the nonfiction took over. Poetry survived, has been published here and everywhere imaginable and I also have 3 books of it available on Amazon(check it out, just put my name is the search box-BTW, yes I know I.could have put a link but I figured if you really want to buy or read my books you’d take the time to go look up. Its an awesome collection). But poetry is not fiction (unless you’re talking about The Great Gatsby) and the passion and the depth just isn’t there.

NOW however…it’s all changed. Now suddenly the fiction is back and it is back.with a.vengeance. Suddenly, all of the amazing stories that could and can be are.being poured into my head and I’m elated! 

So be ready for some short stories to read. but the real question is…do you want to read them?  Let me know!


New addition…Yay!!

When I first started all of this……. I wanted this, and now it’s FINALLY HERE!!!!!!

What did I start you ask?  Well maybe I should start there.

About 2008 or so…..strong emphasis on “or so”, I’ve never been good with time. ….I decided I had a goal in life: To create a better world.

How does one do that?

Step 1 – Decide to create a better world or “Change the World!” or “Create positive change.”

So I decided that was my goal of life. Wrote it down on a piece of paper. Wrote down some ideas on how one would do that. I stopped there, that was the end of my lunch break. I was teaching and many would say that I was changing the world at that time. I knew there was more and there was more I could do.

I decided to write and inspire people…that wasn’t very lucrative and I was quickly very poor and very homeless. Turns out that having a place to write in the first place is a better idea than just jumping into a freelancing career. I explained to the Universe/God/the great energy/the great geomatrician that maybe I jumped to quickly.  I then explained that I wanted to change the world…where do I start? Right here it would be really neat if I said that the Universe opened up and gave me a magnificent sign by god…but that didn’t happen. The water lapped against the dock I was standing on and I lost my house, my car, and I sold off a lot of my belonging to feed myself, the dogs, and get an apartment.

Because the library had air conditioning AND I needed a job, that’s where I spent a lot of time that summer. After a very frustrating week, I put into a job site search engine: Change the world!   A crazy idea…but those are the ideas that change lives. The Universe spoke:

I begin working at a Domestic Violence outreach center speaking to 100’s of people about preventing domestic violence and violence in general.  I worked there for three years and it was great. However, around year 2 a very odd thing happened to me: I cleaned my book shelves. As I was cleaning three books fell on my head…they were all the same book.

A great book and I suggest every person read this book.

A great book and I suggest every person read this book.


For those who do not know this book, it is a metaphoric tale about how you can’t rely that something is going to stay that way forever. You have to constantly be preparing for the next step and often times, the next step is better than the pone you’re on. Another great way of saying this: The only constant is change.

Wow! Maybe that’s a good idea. Two days after that, I received an email that I had to explain how I was going to be able to keep my job if the federal funding ran out. The signs and writing was on the wall….and a friend of mine said, upon me telling them this information, what are you going to do?  I explained I wasn’t sure. They then asked the fatefull question:

What do you WANT to do?

My answer was the same as 3 years earlier: I want to create a better world.

She asked:What is that?  How do you do that?

After a 10-15 minute explanation I said, “In short, I want to Motivate People to create Positive Change…and Motivating For Positive Change was created! At first it was just a blog….then it turned into a company.

I knew since I attempted the freelance idea, that I needed to get to a lot of people. But how?  The blog now has 144 followers (thank YOU…yes you reading this…Thank you!!!) The Facebook page (Please like if you haven’t!!!) Speaking to people (About 100-200 each time) I have three books of poetry and one non poetry book on the way (Hint Hint…new book coming soon!!!)

What’s the next step?

Chad Herman's column Inspiring Change in The Largo Leader

Chad Herman’s column Inspiring Change in The Largo Leader

A newspaper column…YES!!!

When I was freelancing I wanted this. I asked for this, I begged for this, I proposed this…..NOTHING! But my path is to help others, so now it’s working. Before i just wanted the column. Ahhh…everything makes sense now.

Chad Herman now has a monthly column in the local newspaper The Largo Leader named Inspiring Change. This is another way I can reach more people to achieve my ultimate goals: Live(not lose everything again) and create a  better world.

Look for the next post to read the column….


Motivational books….coming soon

That’s right…yes this is true!

If you like this blog, you’re going to love the books.

There are 3 e-books coming, and 2 real books….all available to be bought by you to inspire and motivate you and your friends and family for years and years to come.

These books will be great for all sorts of people…including you.

Did you know I’m already a published author…probably not. Many short stories, internet copy, and poetry have been published in over 20 publications. Not only that, one of my poems is in space, etched in glass in the toronto library, and projected on a waterfall in South America.

I’m a poet

Do you like poetry?  There are multiple poetry books coming out. In the next few weeks, you will be able to sample and read some of this poetry.

I’m a story teller.

What about fiction? This is a book that has been many many years in the making. It is a compilation of short stories intended to inspire and motivate positive change in all of us. At the end of each story you will feel a air of warmth wash over you as you smile and become even more inspired to create positive change in the world. In the following days and weeks, you will get samples of these stories.

Check out the facebook for more info: motivating positive change



Inspiring, thinking about, and motivating for positive change through Haiku: part 1

I’ve spent many many years looking for ways to motivate and inspire people. When I was teaching young professionals to do their job correctly, or inspiring the young minds of tomorrow while teaching high school English; I was constantly looking for more and more ways to inspire and motivate people to go out and do something to make this world a better place.

I’ve begged, borrowed, and stole my way through getting my students (in a class room, in an auditorium, and in mass) to see that they had the ability to change the world. To understand that they had the tools in their hands to make a difference. To get them to pick up the pencil, write the e-mail, or start the ball rolling on something that will change the world.
In that time, I’ve found many mediums to use…one of my favorite is poetry. Many people do not know I’m a poet, a published one at that, and my poetry has been featured all over the world as well as on the Voyager X space probe.

So begins the 5 part series of
Inspiring, thinking about, and motivating for positive change through Haiku:
*Note –  They are only numbered. Their title is the number.

Take nonviolence now.
Peace and understanding are
The cure for violence now.

Violence creates pain, hurt.
Why would we want to hurt God’s
Creation and me?

Stop the line of hate.
Hate toward color, place, time, thought
Never acceptance.

A tear for the hate.
Another tear for anger
A wish to stop tears