Let’s all Help “All For The Animals”

There are people out there that decide they are going to pursue their passion no matter what the cost. When they succeed, we write newspaper articles about them, magazine articles about them, and they become part of a “rags to riches story” that we eat up and live for.  We love to hear these stories about the millionaires, the musican, and the successful business people that came from n0thing and then made it to great heights.  At the end of the story of how they achieved all they did, we tear up and smile knowing that this is really possible in our world.

For that one moment, we see the world as better than the constant onslaught of negativity that is increasingly become part of our world.

When a person goes out to pursue their passion, and it isn’t about them at all…unfortunately we usually don’t hear about them. We usually only hear about them if our local news or some small local paper has caught wind of it, and they do a small story on them. But the success is even larger for these people than the successful business person or actor or musician above, these special ones are speaking and acting for others. Their work is creating a ripple affect of happiness, joy, and help that is felt by everyone who hears from them or sees them or is part of their life in any way.

What if you could be part of someone’s story?  That is the oportunioty we all have every day…to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and their success. Right now…You can.

Allow me to introduce you a Nonprofit called All For The Animals.

 This company was started for one reason and one reason only….The Animals.

There are so many animals that are kicked out of homes, dropped into the wild, decided that they aren’t part of the family anymore, or simply discarded and forgotten. There are so many animals, especially the litters of unfixed dogs and cats, that need help and a place to live. It’s not their fault that their “person” doesn’t have enough money to take care of their brothers and sisters. It’s not their fault that their “person” didn’t think ahead and they get tossed out to fend for themselves. Many times these animals are picked up by animal Control, and if the poor animals are deemed “dangerous”, “sick”, or are in the facility too long…they are killed! This is wrong! There are so many ways that animals become “person-less”…but they don’t have to be just thrown to the wolves (pun intended…because that’s a very real situation for many of these animals) or killed by people who see them as a problem rather than a real living breathing earthling.

The Director of All for the Animals Lauren Bertke and her husband decided that enough was enough!  They would not watch animals be killed in places that were suppose to help or left to die in the wild.

  1. All of these animals deserve the right to live.
  2. All of these animals deserve to be placed in a happy loving home.
  3. All of these animals deserve a shot at life.
  4. These animals did not ask to be brought into this world, they only ask that they are able to live!


Lauren Bertke and her husband are one of those people that have gone out and pursued their passion regardless of the risks. They have created All For The Animals to help give the animals a voice and a home. But what about the bills? But what about the upkeep?  All For The Animals is a nonprofit that lives only on the donations, the vollunters, grants (if you can get one), and the help from people like you.

So, what can you do?

Right now, anything that you can do is appreciated!

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!  To foster and take care of ALL of these animals they need ways to feed, water, clean up, and take care of ALL of the pets, and the ability to get more.

So what do they need:

  •  dog food
  • cat food
  • kitty litter
  • dog crates
  • newspapers
  • bedding
  • general donations.

You can go to their website and donate or buy a think of food or litter for them.

This is not only your change to help someone achieve their dreams of helping aniamls, but you also help hundreds and thousands of animals. When you help people, it’s amazing. When you help animals, you are helping part of the earth and mother nature. When you help them both…you are doing something amazing!

Thank you for helping All For The Animals…they deserve it, and I can’t wait to be part of their “Rags to Riches Story.”

Please let me know what you donate!


Great Book Series – Personhood


At the end of Leo Buscuglia’s ground breaking “LOVE” book he gives the reader some advice to continue their discovery into being a human and being a loving person(I have taken gender out of the writing…other than that it is a direct quote):

“The main function [of a person] is to help unfold his true SELF.

“Equal to a person’s function is helping others to become strong, and perfect themselves as unique individuals.

“They will do this best by affording all persons the opportunity to show their own feelings, express their aspirations and share their dreams.

“They must see the forces labeled “evil” as emanating from suffering people who, like themselves, are “human” and in the process of attempting their “beings”.

“They must combat these forces of evil through an active love which is deeply concerned and interested in each person’s free quest of self discovery.

“They must believe that this is not a world that is ugly, bitter, and destructive, but it is what people have done to the world that makes it appear so.

“They must be a model. Not a model of perfection, a state not often achieved by a person, but a model human being. For being a good human being is the best thing you can be.

“They must forgive them self for being less than perfect.

pd1“They must understand that change is inevitable, and that when it is directed in love and self-realization, it is always good.

“They must learn that behavior is learned and meant to be tried out, and decided if it is good.

(Awesome metaphor coming up….so cool!)

“They must learn that they can not be loved by all people. This is the ideal. In this world, it is not often found. They must learn that they can be the finest most juicy plum in the world and offer themselves to all people. But always remember that there will be people who do not like plums.

“They must understand that they are the world’s finest plum and someone they love do not like plums, they have the option to become a banana. But they will only be a second rate banana because they are already the best plum.

“They must understand that if they choose to be a second rate banana, they run a risk of the other person seeing them as second rate and discarding them because they feel they deserve only the best. They can spend their whole life trying to be the best banana they can – which is impossible if they are a plum – of they can seek to be the best plum in the whole world!

“They must endeavor to love all people, even if all people don’t love them. They don’t have to be loved, they love to love!

“They must reject no one. Because they understand that they are part of every person, and to reject another person, is rejecting themselves.”

(Spoiler alert…awesome paragraph coming…NOW!)

“They must know that if they love all people and is rejected or hurt by one, they must not pull away in fear, pain, disappointment or anger. It is not the other person’s fault. The other person was not ready for what was offered. Love was not offered to this person with conditions. They gave love because they were fortunate enough to have it to give, because they felt joy in the giving, not for what they would receive in return.

“They must understand that, if they are rejected in one love, there are hundreds of others awaiting love. The idea that there is but one right love is deception. There are many right loves.”

– Love, 1972

At the beginning of the “LOVE” book he stated that the book was just the beginning of the conversation. The logical next step would be to discuss how we as a group could become better. These two books embrace this idea behind the quote:

“Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

pd3We must first work on ourself in order to create a better world. As the above quote from the “Love” book does, it shows us a step by step way of how to develop us into a more loving person. Then we have to embrace that we are part of a larger group; a group that not only affects us but also affects the entire planet. This large group is called humanity or what Leo Buscuglai calls it: Personhood

Personhood takes us step by step of how adopting the ideas of “Love” can create a larger group of loving people. When this group becomes normalized it reinvents and restablishes the idea of what a person is. When we redefine what it is to be a person, we recreate what it is to be part of Personhood.

Through this book, we that this arcane idea of “looking out for number 1…me” has created a world of letting people drown so you, yourself, can float and also achieve at their expense. Instead, if we valued one another and created a world based on Love, compassion, and helping; rather than, competition, money, and materialism we could become a “Personhood” that strives to help all people become better. This would change the world into a positive place.

Instead of buying the BIG house and BIG car..we’d make sure everyone eats and has water and a home first. Why can’t we live on what we “need” and then help others get to the point of having just “what they need”. There are so many people, through n fault of their own, can not get the very basic simple things they need…because there are so many people not caring or helping. How are we a wghole person if we have spare money, toys, and opulence when there is a family that worked to help others…lost the funding, lost their home, and now live shelter to shelter. These basic needs is what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights speak about…rights that all humanity deserve.  Let us uphold this declaration!

When we create a world where all people are helping each other, we are living in a world of acceptance and understanding. Acceptance and understanding is the opposite of violence…therefore we would live in a time of PEACE!

Music to change your world to be more positive!


Bright Idea by Mother Mother

This is a daily motivational song for me. The lyrics, the idea, everything is a perfect example of the life I live and the direction my life is going. To quote directly: “I woke up to a light bulb, I woke up to everything is possible!”


Great Day by Paul McCartney

Nonviolence is a choice!

Happiness is a choice!

I choose it to be a great day. There is no good or bad, just the energy and judgement we put onto it. Therefore, no matter what happens it’s a great day…so make it a great day!


Say hey by Michael Franti and Spearhead

A song of love. A song of enjoying love, your friends, and the world around you!


Celebrate another day of living – by rare earth

Every moment that I’m alive, this song is with me. I am celebrating another day of living. I am celebrating another day of being given the opportunity to change the world in a positive way. I am a motivational speaker speaking to help everyone and their offspring and their offspring and their offspring.

Feb 12 – 3 days till Valentines day

Wow…days are going by fast.

I’m so thankful that I have the ability to go out and speak about peopel changing the world everyday…then I get to write about people changing the world. I’m thankful I get to give ideas to people to change the world.

Through motivatingforpositivechange.com, I’m able to be hired and connect to so many different people from aroudn the world…it suddenly occurred to me:

We can all connected to everyone around the world.

If you’re reading this…you’re on the internet. If you like 87% of the adults in the U.S. you have a facebook account, and if you are reading this it is pretty likely you have a blog out there. That means we have 3 different ways to show positivity, or what people call love, to millions of people.

So here’s our 3 days before valentines day assignment:

Step 1: Write a message of love to all people.  Just a general note.

Step 2: Put it as your facebook status and start it: To all of my facebook friends (BTW my facebook is motivating positive change)

Step 3: Do the same thing with your Blog and start it: To all of my followers and those who are reading this (something like that)

Step 4: Smile and know that you have celebrated love with all of your extended internet friends.

What kind of awesome positive responses did you get?

A note of positivity for you reader

You just made my day!

You just made my day!

To all of my blog followers and those reading this who might not be my blog followers –

Thank you! Thank you for reading and following. Thank you for your likes (they mean so very much), thank you to all of you who have hired me in the past, who have inquired about hiring me, who I have had the opportunity to speak in front of, and who I have had the opportunity to inspire. Thank You for reading and doing so many awesome things.

I have read so many comments, e-mails, and ideas of what my words have helped and motivated people to do….it’s amazing. We are actually changing thew world. We are actually showing the young people that this world can be better, and they have the ability to do so. I have read so many of your blogs, and I’m as excited as you are for the great things you are accomplishing, doing, and saying. Please…go back and read your blogs. Don’t look at the writing…look at what you said. You are all amazing!

In this day…days before valentines I want to wish you…the person who is reading this right now….more love and positivity than you know what to do with. I wish for you a tidal wave of love and positiivity so large that it washes over you again and again and then flows out down the hall to your family, your friends, and everyone you come in contact with.

Be well….and thank you again!

Chad Herman Motivatingforpositivechange.com




How do you make a difference in the world – Stand up!

To truly understand this amazing video imagine this for a moment:

You are born into a world where it is overtly obvious that you are a second class citizen in the eyes of everyone around you and especially your country. Also, you realize that you are a second class citizen because of your gender…that one little chromosome that makes you male or female. That one little leg of the chromosome and BAM you are less than the males.

Now imagine that you watch all of the adult women in your world lament about their lack of education..in very very hushed words. You have dreams and hopes that you know other people are allowed to have…but you aren’t allowed those dreams and hopes because of who you were born as.

Then you found out that you were going to be one of the lucky few that was able to be educated…not as much as the boys, but educated nonetheless. The more education you got, the more people around you got angry. The government tried to stop the annoyance around your city…but it was glaringly obvious that because of your gender and the fact you were getting an education, you were looked down upon.

Now add the fact that multiple countries were occupying your country and you saw military jeeps, tanks, and listened to gunshots ring in the air as you walked onto the bus, went to school, learned your lessons, and came home. You could feel your house shake from the bombs sometimes. Because of your education and your parents, you knew that the war was for civil rights. If they won the war, you were able to keep doing what you were doing. If they lost the war, you would become a captive who has no rights except what the males tell you to do.

In school you write a paper about the rights of girls and women. It gets publisher and it becomes a world wide phenomenon. You get awards and lots and lots of praise. You are standing up for whats right.

On your bus that morning, men board your bus and the last thing you remember is a flash…..you just got shot in the head for standing up against what was glaringly and obviously wrong!

This is Malala’s story, and now that she is healing…she is keeping up the fight.

This is the story of all of us. This si the story of how to fight against a cause that you feel that strongly for.

This is a story of pure good…and how we all have it in us.

So, how do you change the world…by taking a stand against what’s wrong in the world.

As Ghandi said: I alone will do right, even though everyone is doing wrong.

What will you stand up for?

Our lives are based on our perception


We go to school and we believe that we all live in a real world.

I say it’s all an illusion. An illusion we all buy into every moment.

The teachers: they’re not being their real self. They’re in their ”teacher” role. Most people are different at work than they are at home.

Your friends:  They know that if they reveal too much of themselves they will get teased – because it’s happened before to them.  Your friends have ideas, thoughts, and beliefs they will never share with people because they are scared of having these things made fun of.  Therefore,  your friends are only the people that they are allowing you to see.

Other students:  These other students know that at any time they have the ability to be made fun of or be bullied by someone.  You just may be that person…but they don’t know. So they will try to gauge what others, that are not in their close group of friends, will like and tell them exactly what they want to hear.

Adults (parents included):  They have decided that they don’t want to be hurt by anyone, and have created a facade to show the whole world. They are also protecting their life story from people, especially their children, because of the mistakes or actions they choose to do aren’t what they want to be proud of. They feel if they share too much, you will judge them for those mistakes they made. When you speak to an adult, you are speaking to and talking to the facade or the masks that will protect them.  They might be playing a specific role that they have found is appropriate for this conversation that they are engaging in.

You – You are doing the same thing. You’re not your real self, you are a created person that is hiding a lot.  You’re probably hiding your real self  so you won’t get hurt, teased, or bullied.

In essence, there are a lot of fake people walking around being fake to one another


There are a bunch of actors acting out roles, and everyone believes that those roles are real.

As Shakespeare said –  “We are just players on a stage.”

So – Your schooling is not real, it’s all an illusion. The people you know, aren’t real…they are merely the person they are pretending to be. The government isn’t real, it’s a creatiojn of paper and power. Your life is only as real as you see it is. Reality TV isn’t real, it’s a clever creation of edits, camera angles, and sound bites to elicit the story they want to portray. Your job isn’t real, it’s a company created to provide a service. They created a machine to provide that service, and you are a “gear” in that machine. It’s really all an illusion created to be what we call “normal”, and normality depends on a lot fo socialized ideas and illusions themselves.

Just like the illusion that violence is normal.

Just like the illusion that there is no teen dating abuse.

Just like the illusion that a couple’s fight is their own problem.

Just like the illusion that media(TV, games, magazines) doesn’t affect us.

Look past the illusions and do something to prevent the problems in our world and the violence that plagues it!

How could you do this?